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Discussion in 'Member Photos' started by crepers86, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. crepers86

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    Me with Andrew Schwab (lead Vocalist for Project 86), Scream The Prayer Tour in Houston June 2009. That was a strange night for me. it was like 10 Christian metal bands with the band Haste the Day headlining, Project 86 was the only band not hard core, but Oh, Sleeper played and their was a good line up of Sleeping Giants, Corpus Christi, and some other good ones. I am not much of a metal fan, more into punk, emo, and scream-o, and some alteranitive. The tour was booked at one fest but and was set to start at 2:15 and after sitting in the hot humid air and then some heavy rain and some more hot humid air from 11am to 5:30 pm it was moved halfway across town due to fire code and too many people. so the bands that did get to play (the bigger named acts) only got do 5 song sets except for Haste the Day, but what they did with 5 songs made it seem much better.
    This me with Steven Dale, the Bass player for project 86.

    this one was me when I seen project 86 at Calvary Chapel in Houston, First time I have ever seen them in at a church. I hated the venue cause there was no removeable seats and they wouldn't let us mosh. We almost broke the barricade.

    This one was in 2003 or 04 the night I gave my life to Christ. at Chain Reaction in Anaheim CA

    I miss my hair being long but when i moved back to Texas from Detroit I had to cut my hair to look profesional for a job interview I was scheduled to go.

    University of North Texas is my fave school in the NCAA, mostly because its the closes to being a hometown team, in Denton, TX. I have a Dream of getting my PH. D. from this school if I can finish my Masters.

    and last me chillin at work. This was at one of the chemical plants I worked at in Texas city, TX

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    Nice to put a face to a name!

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