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Just Researching :)

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by SammieLee, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. SammieLee

    SammieLee Elite Member

    We went from.....we are adding a leopard no leopard gecko.....we are getting a ball python!!!!! So it looks like later this year we are getting our first snake to add to our zoo! I am thinking a 40 gallon breeder would be a good tank since I can lock them. It there one that will work better? I was told at the pet store that a 40 gallon breeder would be bigger than I need....I know they are wrong a lot. So I'm going by the caresheet :) I want something I can lock.

    Best hides? I know anything will work...also if I am understanding right they need different size when they are cheap hides since we are wanting a baby ball and I will have to get bigger hides as it grows.

    Also worried a out humidity with the 40 gallon breeder. Our house is very dry. I'm thinking about using Eco earth to see if that will help with humidity but I have some in my hermit crab tank right now and if the screen is not covered it dries up fast. So not sure what to do....cover the top with something? If so what? I have clear shower curtain over the crab tank...will that work or will that be too much? Is the a better substrate?

    Thank you!!! Still in shock I am getting a snake :)
  2. Agentx

    Agentx Active Member

    Zoo huh? what other animals do you have? Just curious more than anything.

    Enclosure - For a baby ball I wouldn't go anything bigger than a 20 long tank if you want to go the tank route. The 40 breeder would be good once it's an adult but for a baby it's way too big and would probably stress it out. If you don't care about the display value of the enclosure you could use a Rubbermaid type container. These containers do very well with holding in humidity since the top is solid. You will have to of course drill small air holes in the container.

    Hides - You are correct that the hides will need to be smaller now and grow with the snake. A good rule of thumb is to use something that is big enough to fit into but small enough that your snake can touch all sides and feel secure in it. I would also recommend identical hides to prevent your snake choosing a preferred hide and only hanging out in that one risking it to be at the wrong temp. You are also correct that almost anything will work. If possible find a hide that has only one, small entrance. A lot of the commercial pet store hides have multiple entrances and rather large ones. While in a pinch your snake may use one i have a feeling it would feel more secure knowing there is only one way in or out and knowing it's a pretty small entrance to keep "predators" out.

    Humidity- If you want to go with a tank there are a lot of tricks to keep the humidity up. I personally swapped out of a tank and into a closed top tank to end my constant humidity issues but here's a few I've used and seen used. Cover the top part way with a damp towel, plexiglass, wood, etc. This will help keep air flow down a bit and prevent all that moisture from going right out the top. The benefit of plexiglass over a damp towel would be that you don't have to worry about mold from a constantly damp towel. Some people have used wood to cover the entire top of the tank as well. They then cut holes for the heat lamp and some additional air holes so there is still air flow but the majority of their moisture is staying in. Moisture holding substrates are also good. I use eco earth and it seems to do well. There are a few more that hold moisture well but their names escape me at the moment. Moving the water dish closer to your UTH will also increase evaporation and up the humidity but if you don't cover the top you still just have it all go out the top.
  3. SammieLee

    SammieLee Elite Member

    Hermit crab tank, 2 bearded dragons and 3 sugar gliders!

    I just for a tank on a the curb!!! I think it's a 20 tall...will that work as a starter tank? I love finding free tanks!! :)

    Thank you for your help! I am sure I will have more questions later... But this will help me get started buying stuff!

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