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Just gets better and better!

Discussion in 'Herp Health' started by BlackJack, Dec 2, 2004.

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  1. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    I think I'm going to be stuck posting under "Herp Health" for a while!!

    After my mite problems and Monty's tapeworms... are you ready for the latest?

    Talyn's stool sample came back positive for "Coccidien". Unfortunately it was not more specific than that. My research shows that there are several types (genus/species??) of this parasite which infect reptiles. If she has "Caryospora" it is rather harmless and has no noticeable symptoms. However, if she has "Cryptosporidiose", there is no reliable treatment and she will die (a horrible death).

    The good news is that she has no symptoms and seems really healthy, so I'm hoping it's the "Caryospora". Symptoms of the "Cryptosporidiose" would be regurgitation, weight loss, diarrhea or bloody stools and it gets worse from there.

    The (rather clueless) vet is going to call me back on Monday hopefully with more information!

    Wish us luck... the drama continues...
  2. Demonic_Rage

    Demonic_Rage Elite Member

    I hope the vet has some good news when he calls, I hope it all works out for you.
  3. DarkMagician207

    DarkMagician207 Elite Member

    man i hope everything works out for you. :) you deserve a break!
  4. KrokadilyanGuy3

    KrokadilyanGuy3 Elite Member

    You are having fun..
    Pretty much, just remember that Coccidians are a natural thing in herps. Such as a lot of other parasites. It's not neccassarily a bad thing, just keep watch on the amount of occysts and the cells in the fecal.

    Also, I'm sure you know, just remember that Cryptosporidium is contagious so I would be wary with the other guys. Also, you can catch Crypto as well, so be sure to wash everything, throughly, that touches the animal that you may for whatever reason put in your mouth. ie Fingers.
    Even having Crypto doesn't mean your animal is sure to die, even though it's usually uncurable. If your animal surely has cryptosporidiosis make sure you keep it hydrated. Pretty much, it all lays in the hands of how well your animal is and how well it was cared for previously.
    Basically, what the animal has should stay with him. Dispose of it's water and substrate properly, and do not interchange tank furniture. Just keep good hygiene.

    Good luck, and sorry if you already knew all of this.
  5. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    Thanks everyone!

    Having fun Zane? In a weird way, yes, I suppose so. Let's say I've been given a lot of good reasons to become a mini-expert on snake parasites! I've learned A LOT in the last month!!! :p

    Your post was a great reminder of so many things, and whether I "knew" them or not, it is ALWAYS helpful to keep hygiene tips first and foremost in your mind: not only, but especially, when parasites are involved!!!

    Talyn looks fine: she ate well yesterday and hasn't regurgitated, so I'm hoping that she's really OK.
  6. Jem_Scout

    Jem_Scout Elite Member

    Oh Geezzzz sure deserve a break!
    I hope it's not the bad kind of've been through enough already!
    Hugs, Jem
  7. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    Andrea, so sorry you've got yet more bad news. Keep positive though, it may be the harmless strain and fingers crossed Talyn will be ok.
  8. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Boy Andrea you HAVE been getting initiated! As stated cryptospoidium is usually characterized by regurgitation. Since there is no sign of any other symptom I think you are probably okay there. Here's hoping! :D
  9. Jem_Scout

    Jem_Scout Elite Member

    Any news yet Black Jack??
  10. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member


    Hi all!
    I've just had the greatest visit with my twin sister, "Baxter". She came over here for a week and just left this morning :( We had a great time: she loved my snakes and they loved her. In fact, I've never seen Talyn so good: not even with me!
    But when she finally gets around to posting the pics of her RTB, you'll see why she wasn't so easily intimidated by "little Talyn".

    I talked to the vet, and she talked to other vet specialists: since Talyn has no symptoms or problems, we've decided not to treat the "Coccidien" at the moment. Since they couldn't identify which type it was, the treatment would be a bit of a shot in the dark anyway.

    Monty just had his second (and last) shot for the tapeworms. From this week forth he will only be fed F/T: like it or not!! I'm not going to risk his getting re-infected by a live mouse with worms!!
    He's been feeding well (1 live mouse followed by a "stuffed in at the last minute" F/T mouse.) and he seems to be feeling much much better all around. His skin looks better and he's more active.

    So hopefully, I won't have to post in this section for a while!!
  11. DarkMagician207

    DarkMagician207 Elite Member

    thats great news! hope everything keeps going well. :)
  12. steel rip

    steel rip Elite Member

    Oh boy, hope everything goes well for you in the future, good luck with both your babies :D
  13. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Sounds like you are finally going to get back to just ENJOYING your snake!
    Its about time! :D
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