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Just an Update

Discussion in 'Lizards - General' started by sgun020, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. sgun020

    sgun020 Well-Known Member

    After a rough start of the year with tail infection for Alto, my frilled lizard, it's finally over...he's a lot more active, albeit shorter in length, lost almost half of his tail, now replaced by a stump. nevertheless, the critical time is over, and I'm just happy he's still with us. He shed last month, gained 20 grams in 2 weeks (now 350 grams), and he's currently a bit grumpy (in the middle of another shed). some pics below:
    Alto 1.jpg Alto tail 2.jpg Alto 2.jpg Alto tail 1.jpg

    My baby bengal monitor, Onyx, is also doing great...we're currently waiting for warmer weather to get sturdy branches for him, it's still around -6 here. Onyx has been eating a WHOLE lot more...he eats everyday, can eat 3 rats in one sitting (properly sized rats), going through a LOT of crickets. He seems to be shedding all the time, once he finishes one shed, 2 weeks later, another shed. He's currently 185 grams. pics below:
    Onyx 1.jpg Onyx 2.jpg Onyx 3.jpg

    Just saying (smaller) bearded dragon, Oldie (currently approx. 345 grams):
    Oldie 1.jpg Oldie 3.jpg

    (bigger) bearded dragon, Newbie (around 475 grams):
    Newbie 1.jpg Newbie 2.jpg Newbie 3.jpg

    both dragons are from the same batch, both females, both nice and friendly, both can be hand fed or tong fed...UNFORTUNATELY...they hate each other, so I can't take both of them out at the same time or else, they run in circle and try to take a bite on each other's tail.

    my beautiful leopard gecko, Pako, she's probably about 18 months:
    Pako 1.jpg Pako 2.jpg Pako 3.jpg
  2. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    WoW first and foremost, I'm glad to hear and see that Alto's tail is doing better, keep up the good work!!! Secondly, WoW.....I am loving your leopard gecko!!!! Pako is extremely beautiful and by the looks of her giant tail she seems extremely healthy, can't wait to see more pictures of her.
  3. sgun020

    sgun020 Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the kind words! I'm hoping for no more sickness/ accidents in the near future, I'm leaving in 2 weeks for 8 months, so I'm a little bit nervous with every little thing.

    Pako slowed down with her food a week ago, she takes a cricket every other day now...I take pictures of her tail everyday, just to make sure she hasn't lost any weight (which she hasn't) I take it has to do with season change or breeding season...
  4. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    Sadly, accidents and illnesses are part of the game, in a way these incidents forces us to learn more and appreciate our reptiles. I have a ball python who is currently in quarantine and every day I have to change her substrate (Paper Towel) and spray her down, she got a gnarly infection in one of her teeth so Dee and I have been cleaning her mouth with 1/1 of water and hydrogen peroxide ( a little trick my exotic vet taught us).

    That happens with leopard geckos, most of mine are starting to refuse meals which means breeding season is around the corner. Fortunately for you, Pako seems to be in perfect health as long you keep doing what you're doing she should be fine. WoW 8 months, I freak out when I have to leave for 5 days, hopefully you have a good reptile sitter.
  5. sgun020

    sgun020 Well-Known Member

    It's true, i definitely have learned a lot with every accidents and illnesses, during the time they happened, i always thought...agh, if only i did/ didn't... Hope your snake gets better soon, i imagine it must be quite difficult to clean a snake's mouth (only mouth i could persuade to open is my frilled, i've given up trying with bearded dragons and monitor...i inject their vitamin into their food now).

    I do hope my friend can take care of Pako well, he has a crested, and he seems to be attentive with his pet. My husband can't handle 5 lizards and 2 frogs on his own lol...Pako is quite sensitive, so i'd rather her be with someone that can pay attention in details, in case she has a bit of leftover shed on toes, etc. my husband would just feed, clean, bathe...basic things lol...
  6. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi again, it`s good to hear the Frilled dragon`s tail is healed, I hope there will be no more problems.
    I take it you`ve decided to keep the Bengal monitor, can you give the total length and tell me what the ambient and surface temps are now?
    I think the Bearded dragon "Newbie" is a little too heavy (sorry!), have either of them been gravid?
  7. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    I'm the same way, once everything is done and the snakes or geckos are fine I look at their charts and go "Hmm if only I would have done this sooner or differently we could have avoided this, that and the other". But those are the lessons learned. Fortunately, if things become too much to handle, we have a Exotic vet close by. Also one of the things you learn while working with these amazing animals is after a while you are able to determine the severity of the situation by simply analyzing the situation. As for my girl she is doing 100% better, at one point she was doing horribly but now she is almost back to her aggressive self. Believe it or not it's not that difficult, all you have to do is be patient and keep in mind that the snake is uncomfortable so there will be allot of squirming and hissing but once you got that you figure out ways to manage.

    I'm sure your friend will be able to take care of Pako, one of the things I love about leopard geckos is the simplicity of their care. I sometimes compare them to the simplicity of keeping Ball Pythons. As long as the heat is on and there is food and water Pako should be fine.
  8. sgun020

    sgun020 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm just glad the issue with Alto is done...I barely slept at the time, and I kept repeating the same question to my husband...will Alto be ok?...haha...he got so sick of listening to me.

    I'll have to measure his length later during his bath time, he walks around outside his cage, never really stops...unless it's to climb. His basking temp is around 50, ambient about 25-27 degrees C.

    I have to agree, Newbie, is fat...o:) she eats a whole lot more than Oldie, and has always been. She usually basks, eats, basks again then goes into her cave to sit down...even if i take her out and put her on the floor, she stares at me and eventually turns i pick her up n pats her on the head or rubs chin, she closes her eyes and turns white. If i put Oldie on the floor, a minute later she darts off exploring... Both of them have never been gravid (i'm hoping not going to be in the next 8 months!), and no plans on breeding them either (
  9. sgun020

    sgun020 Well-Known Member

    I wish we had an exotic vet here, unfortunately, not even Beijing has one. If anything happens, i have to rely on herp forums, search the net to see if others have experienced the same symptoms, etc, it's awfully guesswork and hope for it to work out. It only works with external issues though, if something happens internally, i wouldn't have a clue until one is showing symptoms...too late by that time :((( i lost my little boy, Ruby, last year...a tegu...he was approx. 18 months. Sweetest tegu ever, never aggressive...if he wanted to be left alone, he simply shrugged and walked away. When he saw me in the morning he walked towards the door, i let him out, i sat on the floor and he curled up on my lap for a good half hour before he was his morning routine. Then one day he threw up, 4 days later he was gone...and i still don't know why... Anyway...sorry for my rambling lol, when i talk about ruby, i can't stop.

    Yes, i think Pako will be fine, she just needs patience during feeding lol...she's tong fed, she only takes head first and if the crickets' little antennas get her face, she's like...meh, i'm not eating...:p
  10. sgun020

    sgun020 Well-Known Member

    Onyx is about 48 cm now.

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