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Jungle Carpet Python

Discussion in 'Carpet/Diamond Pythons' started by Loudog760, Oct 28, 2008.

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  1. Loudog760

    Loudog760 Active Member

    I've been doing a lot of research on this species. And I love the bright yellow/ jet black coloration they having going on, but to my surprise it's actually harder to come across one's like this.

    I thought years of selective breeding would make this color of snake more available. My question is: What is my best chance of trying to get one of these as a baby? I don't really want to pay full dollar for a sub adult. I've read the best chances of finding one is picking a good breeder, and looking at the baby carpet's parents, to get an idea of what they could look like.
    Or am I better off getting a coastal like this? Also how much do they usually go for?

    Here's a link if you don't know what they look like but I'm sure most of you do. lol


    Anthony Caponetto Reptiles - Jungle Carpet Pythons
  2. titus

    titus Elite Member Premium Member

    Re: Jungle Carpet Python.

    Most jungle carpets have the coloration your looking for. It's a good idea to go off the parents but also carpet pythons are very variable in color patterns. Costal Jags are great looking snakes but do carriey quite a price tag. I paid 120 Euro (about 200 USD) for my pair of Darwins. Costals cost about the same, Jungles a bit more and Jags can go up to about 700 Per snake. There is also a question of purity in American bred carpets. It's best to find a breeder that knows the breeding records back to the original imported animals if that's important to you.
  3. Loudog760

    Loudog760 Active Member

    Re: Jungle Carpet Python.

    I see, I don't want to pay more than 600 USD. Whats the sizes on the male and female Costals & Jungles? I have a cage that's 4feet long, 2feet wide, 2feet tall.
  4. tsuch21

    tsuch21 Elite Member

    Re: Jungle Carpet Python.

    I live in California also. I bought mine for $125 at a pet store and that was for a baby. They had adults for $150 just so you get an idea of there cost here.

    p.s. If you have the fear of getting bit a baby jcp isn't for you. They strike at anything and everything.
  5. Loudog760

    Loudog760 Active Member

    Re: Jungle Carpet Python.

    Thanks for the info. And I don't mind if he or she bites. It will a lot more rewarding when they calm down then.
  6. xanaxez

    xanaxez Member

    Jungle carpets and coastal carpets are mostly nippy as hatchlings, but if handled will grow out of it fast. Some won't grow out of it until they are yearlings and some won't ever grow out of it. Always trust the breeder you buy from and always ask if the snake is docile. You can get them fairly cheap, but if you want top quality then you will pay for it lol. Anthony Capponella and Will Bird have some of the nicest jungles I have seen. My entire collection are carpet pythons so if you need info or just want to ask questions or b.s about herps you can email me at **email removed**. If interested PM me and I will hook you up with Will Bird. He has some very remarkable animals and usually when you buy one from him he will throw in a hatchling of something for free.

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  7. Loudog760

    Loudog760 Active Member

    Thanks a lot, I'll PM you soon!
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