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Discussion in 'Over the Rainbow' started by BrownFoundling, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. BrownFoundling

    BrownFoundling Established Member

    I haven't wanted to post this because I feel guilty. A couple of weeks ago my roommate's cat started using the top of Jasper's tank as a launching pad to get to a higher spot. In the process he broke the brace that goes across the center of the tank and pushed in the lid on that half of the tank.
    At first all was well because Jasper would head down and away from the disturbance and I was trying to work out a way to a) stop the behavior or b) change the top so it didn't rely on that brace. But it happened one too many times and I found the lid pushed in a little and no Jasper to be seen. I searched to no avail but set out food anyway just in case she had found a spot to hide that I hadn't thought of. After several days of searching and hoping I had to admit that she had almost certainly fallen victim to feline predation by either my roommate's cat or mine.
    I'm so very sorry I failed you, Jasper.
  2. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry to hear. We all make mistakes, so try and learn from it. For future reference, regular mousetraps work quite well at stopping that behavior, and they work when your not there. Might sound a bit cruel, but I've used this method with several cats, and they usually get the message pretty quick, and never had one get injured. I did have one that learned to "walk the minefield" and get where he wanted anyway, and another who was an idiot and would just keep trying till all the traps were sprung, but they were the exceptions.
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  3. DragonSlayer

    DragonSlayer Established Member

    I had a close call yesterday, I went downstairs to feed Walter and he's standing outside of his room. The sliding door I am using slid out some on one side as I was closing it and he just walked out.
  4. arojas7112

    arojas7112 Established Member

    Very very sorry to hear that. I experienced the same situation once. Luckily, I heard the an usual noise around 5 in the morning. I went to check what it was and found the screen broken and my cats trying to catch my 2 cresties still inside their enclosure. I was fortunate enough to save them and now I just keep all my cresties as far away as possible from my cats. Are you gonna get another crested gecko? Hope you do! You put so much time and effort in your enclosure.
  5. arojas7112

    arojas7112 Established Member

    Edit: heard an unusual noise
  6. BrownFoundling

    BrownFoundling Established Member

    I actually have a total of three cresties now. One I bought from a breeder on the Pangea forums before I lost Jasper and two I have gotten since. They are all being housed separately in small enclosures but I am not giving up on the idea of using the large one at some point. For now it is simply a terrarium though.
  7. arojas7112

    arojas7112 Established Member

    Wanna see pictures! What kind of morphs? Are they similar to the kind you wanted/like?

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