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Discussion in 'Help *General*' started by Phillipsfam, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Phillipsfam

    Phillipsfam Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Just joined the forum because the family and I would like to get maybe an iguana(more for me) and the wife wants a veiled chameleon. We have 8 yr old twins who have been catching yard lizards so we thought maybe something more lasting would be good. Only problem is we are a military family and will be transferring to Japan in the summer. I have looked all over the web including the Japan animal site but could not find anything on reptiles(everything from skunks to monkeys) but nothing on reptiles. I searched this site and saw members have them in Japan and would like to find out if they took them there with them, how they got them there and what the process entailed. We are taking out dog and cat and it has been a lot of working making sure they have the correct shots and tests and microchips but they are part of the family so no option leaving them behind!

    Thanks in advance for any help, its greatly appreciated!

  2. DwarvenChef

    DwarvenChef Elite Member

    Former Army myself, can't comment on Japan but I know about herps and military housing. Most posts have a clause banning ALL exotic pets in housing. This is often left up to who ever is inspecting however and can change on a dime depending on what dignitary is in the area.

    I've had housing not give a darn while unit commanders throw a hissy fit and everyone in between. Best case is having a set up that can be disguised and hidden without being conspicuous. Basically a "don't ask don't tell" variation if you will.

    Good luck on your transfer :)
  3. trappen

    trappen Elite Member

    Well, as far as brining them in their isnt a quarantine time for reptiles. How ever you will need a heath cert, and species identification form from a vet. ?????/Other Animals
  4. Phillipsfam

    Phillipsfam Member

    Dang I spent 30 mins on that website the other day and couldn't find that! Thanks Trappen! Ok that shouldn't be a problem now what about transport? Has anyone ever flown with their Rep?
  5. trappen

    trappen Elite Member

    Flying is going to be different as each airline sets up their own regulations in regards to flying with animals other than dogs. Also depending on the base you are going to temporary housing may not allow pets. Dog /cat would be at the base kennel not sure about the housing of a reptile though.
    Lizards are generally pretty easy to purchase out here if you wanted to wait until you get to Japan. As far as those specific types though I cannot guarantee those. But beardies and Chinese water dragons are pretty easy to come bye.
  6. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    If you are needing to fly with a cham that could be fairly easy to do. You will need an acrylic (best to hold the humidty in) travel tank/display case. Something no bigger than a purse. The less ventilation you have the easier it will be to keep heat and humiidity in. Then you will need some hot hands handwarmers (they make ones that last 40+ hours so you should only need one for the flight but bring spares just in case. Wrap the warmer in a towel and secure it to the side of the carrier. This will keep him warm and if you get the rag damp it will help a little with humidity. Then You take a small empty spray bottle as well that way once past security you can fill it with water to occaisionally mist the chameleon with to help with hydration and humidity. Oh and dont forget to get a small digital thermometer to secure in the tank with velcro or tape so you can easily monitor the temps and humidity so you can either take the hot pad out, add another one, or spray more often to get everything in the appropriate ranges for them.

    An iguana would be a bit more difficult since it may be small when travelling to japan but what are you going to do when you come back to the states and have a 6+ foot tempramental green lizard on your hands? If this isnt a deterant then you could transport a small iguana as a carryone like the chameleon would be or for a larger one you could have him in a dog carrier and transport him the same way you would your dog.

    Here are a couple websites that would give you an idea of what kind of carriers you can use: bird carriers
    Travel Bird Carriers

    PS. Make sure you contact the airlines you may be flying out on to make sure they dont have restrictions on reptiles flying and/or being carryons. Some wont care about the carryon as long as they fit in the standard dimensions for carryon and dont contain explosives or liquids. But stowing the lizard with your dog may be an issue.

    pps. try to get cages with locks so you dont have to worry about an escappee during the flight. No sense in causing a riot when the lady infront of you realizes their is a lizard in her hair.

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