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Itty Opening His Mouth ?

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by zippy2013, Jul 20, 2013.

  1. zippy2013

    zippy2013 Subscribed User Premium Member

    So I've had Itty for about a month now. He has been doing really good. He eats 2.5 meal worms and a cricket a day. His temps are at 82-84 and basking spot is at 90. His cool side temps are 80 his humidity is always between 70 - 80%. Lately He's been opening his mouth and leaving it open. I cant tell if its because he cant breathe or its because he's trying to seem bigger. But when he does it he's in his basking spot and has his eyes closed. He was doing it while kinda perched up but now he's laying down and doing it. He was doing it for a bit when I was feeding him but now he's doing it when im not even around him.

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    j6dh.jpg Uploaded with This is just a picture of his entire Home.

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  2. gapeachkatie

    gapeachkatie Elite Member

    just seems like he is thermoregulating his body temps... Reptiles will open their mouth to help maintain the optimum body temp, releasing excess heat that way. I am not familiar with the needs for a water dragon, but I am sure if any one sees something wrong with the temps/humidity you listed, the will speak up.
  3. OEW

    OEW Elite Member

    If holding his mouth open is all he's doing I wouldn't be super concerned about it. But if he seems like at times he's "gasping" or forcing breaths then it could mean a respiratory infection.

    On another note, the cool side could stand to be a little cooler, in the mid 70's. What kind of thermometer and hygrometer are you using to measure the temps and humidity?

    Also 2 mealworms and 1 cricket a day isn't exactly stellar but at least he's eating... Have you tried offering anything different? Like earthworms or roaches? They can be picky eaters and maybe he'd be more interested in eating more of something else.
  4. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Well the cool side should be a lot lower. Think the low to mid 70's. Humidity sounds fine. How are you measuring these?
  5. zippy2013

    zippy2013 Subscribed User Premium Member

    there both being measured with a probe based thermostats. at the moment his cool side is at 77 which is better then what it has been. Ive tried feeding him different stuff. but when he eats the meal worms around to eating the 3rd one he just eats half and leaves it until later. so I was thinking he was full. I only got him a month ago so he's really really young. they gave him to us at 2 weeks. I haven't seen him really gasping for air. but I do see him take deep breathes ? but hes not doing it all the time. just at times like if I come near his cage.
  6. ChunkofWhat

    ChunkofWhat Member

    You should bring Itty to a vet as soon as possible.

    I didn't think it meant anything when my first water dragon frequently had his mouth open. A month later, he's eating less. Then he's not eating at all. I go to the vet, who tells me that it is a symptom of an infection or injury in the mouth. She gives me medication and I spend the next few weeks feeding the dragon by hand using a syringe, ground up crickets, and baby formula. This mixture would get thrown up quite frequently. Eventually, he starved to death.

    Please seek medical attention for your water dragon sooner than I did.
  7. zippy2013

    zippy2013 Subscribed User Premium Member

    Itty has an appt. on Friday in the morning. So they're gonna look over him and check him out (hopefully nothing bad)
    I was wondering if anyone had a site they go to to buy some roaches or wax/earthworms. Or something new I could feed him. he hasn't eaten nething. hes been basking all that I could see today. seeing fecal deposits. Right now though he's running on the back wall of his enclosure and was running on my bed earlier. Im really hoping that its not a repeat of Zippy. Ill be so sad :(
  8. AParkin

    AParkin Elite Member

    I get nightcrawlers for Zen in the fishing department at walmart. And most major petstores sell a variety of waxworms, mealworms, superworms etc. Rosie red minnows are also great, Zen absolutely loves them. Try puting a couple in a shallow dish with just a bit of water so they wriggle around a lot.
  9. zippy2013

    zippy2013 Subscribed User Premium Member

    The only problem I have with this is im not able to go into town. Im literally stuck in the mountains for a month before I can get into town. Luckily im going this week. Is there a website that any one goes to to be able to buy there food and that's a pretty good delivery time? Amazon does it but it always takes 2 weeks even when I purchase next day delievery. ( they should really fix that )
  10. AParkin

    AParkin Elite Member

    Sounds like it would be easier for you to start breeding your own feeders. I know both rosies and earthworms are easy to breed, I've had both.
  11. zippy2013

    zippy2013 Subscribed User Premium Member

    Probably would be. Should look into it. Patiently awaiting the vt appointment tomorrow, seriously hoping nothing is wrong, Really don't want a repeat of last vet visit :/

    MY Fiance on a brighter note though is working on making a 6-8ft long, 8 ft tall and apporx. 3 ft wide enclosure that's going to be transformed into a entertainment center. Cant wait for plans to be made so I can show everyone. Its going to be amazing!
  12. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi, it looks like at least part of the top is screen, how are you maintaining the humidity, and what wattage and type is the basking bulb?
  13. ChunkofWhat

    ChunkofWhat Member

    If something is wrong with your reptile's mouth/throat, do not attempt to feed him new exciting things like roaches or larger crickets. These insects have hard bodies which may do greater harm to existing injuries, if there are any.

    Good luck with you vet visit!

    Oh, also, don't order insects in the summer. They will most likely die from the heat in-transit.
  14. zippy2013

    zippy2013 Subscribed User Premium Member

    So Vet update : Itty is parasite full .... OFC Petsmart is notorious for this. So were having to keep him in a smaller cage for a lil over a month *hopefully sooner* But vet said that that's the reason why his mouth was opened up having an infection in his lungs from the parasites. SO the meds she gave should get rid of them all and help the lungs. SHes also thinking that's the reason why he desnt want to eat, Hoping that changes too *fingers crossed*
    Good news though she said that he look like a fighter was so energetic always moving around while at the vets said it was a good sign he doesn't want to give up :)

    Feel so bad though in that little tank :/ in his normal tank hes able to be in the water as much as he wants and now hes not able too :( He was giving me the stink eye.. Really hoping this month goes fast.
  15. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Did she explain the reason for the smaller tank?
  16. zippy2013

    zippy2013 Subscribed User Premium Member

    It will be easier to clean. Have to clean it everyday to make sure there is no parasites to go back into him.
  17. zippy2013

    zippy2013 Subscribed User Premium Member

    It is a screen top. But he had 10 gallons of water at the bottom of the cage for him to swim in. The basking bulb is a halogen water proof 90w bulb. He Stays warm with it. Also using a ceramic 150w bulb too to keep the rest of the cage warm. Sorry I didn't see your post before.

    UPDATE: Itty is moving around not opening his mouth as much. But still doing it. He's eating a bit more. But he's ****ed being inside that small cage. :/ Cant wait for the next few weeks to be up... blah!
  18. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Oh trust me I know the problems of small's what gave tai his two broken legs and severed tail. They really aren't meant for small enclosures.
  19. zippy2013

    zippy2013 Subscribed User Premium Member

    Gave Itty more of his medicine today. He's being very slow and wont move around. BUT he only does that when he's getting his meds >.> some how he knows. lol
  20. ChunkofWhat

    ChunkofWhat Member

    Make sure you tape up some construction paper to cover the transparent walls of the smaller enclosure. It'll keep your water dragon from bumping into them as much, as will often happen in a small tank. If you want more viewing area, you can refrain from taping up the top half, or leave one side taped only at the top as a flap.

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