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ITS FINALLY TIME!!! Updates on Everyone!!!

Discussion in 'Herp Photos' started by Thalatte, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    OK so Tai has his cast off and is in his old but remodeled cage. I still have alot of tweaking but it will work for now while I am gone for the weekend.

    The baby beardies are humongous and eating me out of bugs at an alarming rate! Also they have now started eating salads so I have taken to feeding salad in the morning, then bugs at noon, 5pm, and 7pm.

    Also I know I havent posted many pics of the baby box turtles mostly because they are always dug down and hiding but I let them swim outside a couple nights ago so I have photos of those two.
  2. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Sorry forgot the photos!

    08-07-2013 020.jpg Bane is now 1302 grams or 2lbs 13oz.
    08-07-2013 013.jpg Dozer is 1876 grams or 4lbs 22oz.
    08-07-2013 015.jpg teagers is 1443 grams or 3lbs 29oz.
    08-07-2013 017.jpg Poor little Maynard isnt growing all that fast. 926 grams or 2lbs 7oz.

    as far as the turtles I only had 2 of them out of the tank recently but it was the babies so here you are.
    08-15-2013 008.jpg 08-15-2013 011.jpg Meanie the female 3toed boxie.
    08-15-2013 007.jpg 08-15-2013 010.jpg Jack the female ornate-3toed hybrid boxie.

    08-07-2013 022.jpg 08-07-2013 025.jpg 08-15-2013 032.jpg This is how the babies beg for food. And they do this the most when I play with tai.
    08-15-2013 036.jpg 08-15-2013 035.jpg MR. Zsaasz is actually a female but her name shall stay as Mr. Zsaasz.
    08-15-2013 039.jpg 08-15-2013 042.jpg Solomon Grundy is a boy but not as dominant as Zsaasz. Though he is the one that ends up eating the most.

    Group shots: 08-15-2013 044.jpg 08-15-2013 045.jpg 08-15-2013 034.jpg
  3. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    As far as Tai. He is loving his pond.
    002.jpg 007.jpg 004.jpg
    08-15-2013 048.jpg

    Sorry the video is in portrait I know it makes it awkward. Also while the humidity was in the 40's when i took the video it is now at 76%
  4. Ieasa

    Ieasa Elite Member

    Your babies look bigger then mine. He eats like a horse. He was eating a little salad on occasion but now refuses. I make it fo rthe older beardies who love salad so I always offer. Tai is looking much better.
  5. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Tai seems happier. I came home from walking the dogs and he had pulled his fake bushes into his pond and was floating around on them sleeping.

    I will measure the babies tomorrow morning to give you an idea on their actual length.
  6. JSqueezer

    JSqueezer Elite Member

    Love the pics!!!

    I want dragons!!!! Yesterday, hubby asked me order what he needs to make a new enclosure for our ball python. I ordered enough for him to build an enclosure for a Bearded Dragon as well. I like to be prepared!
  7. Logan

    Logan Elite Member

    Wow ... I didn't follow the original Tai's injury thread enough to realize he had to have his leg amputated (it was amputated?)... I expect it's going to take a while to really heal up. We got Toothless in November, and his leg was farther along in healing than Tai. Meaning, I mean, you saw it, but it was basically fully healed (no pink or discoloration other than the very end being white skin instead of green) with that piece of bone hanging out. Well, some where with in the last month, the skin has FINALLY completely grown over the end of his stump. No more visible bone at all. So, 9 months for it to go from 'healed' to completely closed off.
  8. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

  9. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    I know! I feel bad weighing them like that but I can't lay them on the scale like I do Maynard as they just stand up and walk away and I can't use a box to put them in as I can't see the display. I tried to get them to withdraw completely so I can wrap their legs inside their shell but Dozer has never withdrawn completely, bane won't tuck in his back legs and trying that causes teagers to go all over himself so I just put them on the scale snap a quick picture and off they go.
    Eventually I will get a larger scale with a detached display but for now this works.
  10. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Well Tai has adapted nicely to his cage. He is able to climb and swim like normal. The only problems he has are eating and basking. When he eats he tends to jerk his head a bit in order to get the worm completly in his mouth but this causes him to lose his grip and ends up falling off the branches. Also for some reason he doesnt want to climb up to his basking ledge so I end up putting him up there after every feeding.

    The baby beardies are so big. Zsaasz is 4.25in svl and grundy is slightly larger at 4.5in svl.
  11. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    So its been 2months since the last update on the collection. The box turtles are all hibernating so I dont havem Much to say about them but the tortoises were all weighed again and lordy are they BIG!!!
    everyone has gained weight which is good.
    Bane is now at 1672 (gained 370grams) grams or 3lbs 11oz. 53C8824E-9E85-44E4-B712-DC96EA776DEC-598-000000791C78F43E_zps64890f17.jpg
    Dozer is now at 1894 (gained a whole 18grams! not so impressive for him) EE352310-A113-4297-9A6D-46706783AACF-598-00000079309B7821_zps560a2529.jpg
    Maynard has grown so much and is now at 1661grams or 3lbs 10oz DBFB50CE-73D1-48C0-BBB6-188AC387AE1B-598-0000007835F7AB41_zps017ed1f9.jpg
    Teagers is HUGE! 2415grams or 5lbs 5oz AA792C1D-D355-458B-B35D-7794385F3628-598-00000078F80AD897_zpsdcd90a6b.jpg
    Dozer is as friendly as ever and doesnt mind being pet 2B4125A5-A8F3-44B6-A7FA-1B11BD75B2D6-598-0000007901B29AE9_zpsf46c8176.jpg
    Teagers on the other hand is very shy but has a pretty face. 6AAFEB5B-4219-4936-8D77-62459AF0741F-598-0000007949D6B855_zps64fd387c.jpg E6BD77A3-9472-48ED-9BD9-26BC292A2738-598-000000793CDD4AF7_zps3cddf4fc.jpg
  12. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    as far as the lizards.
    Harley is still trying to decide whether she is going to brumate or just be an aware but unmoving statue. She sleeps in wierd places such as: 86C880A0-76E5-40AF-ABB3-E85239B32EFA-598-0000007B8E1B8162_zps7fa95caf.jpg or here: 6A04B0CB-8511-4896-9C47-9A99DD4C553C-598-0000007A1CE0AA87_zps6a9f6a3e.jpg or here: FBFA414F-D19F-491F-B96C-30A04422CF44-598-0000007A12CB654D_zpsfc551cc5.jpg she does eat a few silkworms occasionally and the other day she had a small handful of greens then she pooped and went back to bed.

    Grundy is getting lazy as well but still eating when offered food and he has anew favorite spot: BA950DA8-52FF-43B5-946F-278D4B1EDE10-598-000000795D1D148B_zps515171fb.jpg and if he isnt laying on his log he is hugging the wall 24049EEE-34A7-4299-A72A-703B3C1F7AEC-598-0000007BF193014B_zps9c21b8ec.jpg 82A74995-C0CD-4674-A7B1-4BEA2AAE72EF-598-00000079C245D3A1_zps11e157ea.jpg
    and for his measurements: 1AA12E9C-1E1F-4F52-8B2A-005F76E4086F-598-0000007861ACE4A6_zpsb418e169.jpg 209E6291-E3CC-4ABB-8864-9F3AAFC73C46-598-0000007857205031_zps0c7865bb.jpg the scale is in grams.

    Zsaasz is a food hound and can easily eat twice as much as grundy and still ask for more. She also has a very demanding attitude and will do anything she can to get your attention. CD630BDE-0CD2-4A9E-A117-B1B4D940B291-598-000000796E62486B_zps72fdfc10.jpg 9C50329D-A86E-49A1-88B8-47AF02FC2493-598-0000007BBBCF6669_zps00c3e5a9.jpg 114481C6-42E8-471C-BFD2-6225FE9551F4-598-0000007BA4EDAE5D_zps166fb6e8.jpg and she isnt very matter how many times I use this pan she never gets how to eat out of it. She even dives into it from her basking spot but instead of staying inside it and eating the bugs she scrambles to get out and attack them through the glass. B8F2AE00-8FA3-45D3-A1D4-847E9628701F-598-0000007B677DB86A_zps1fdfdd91.jpg And if I tong feed she cant wait patiently for the food she lunges toward the doors nad most of the time she ends up overshooting and jumpging out of the cage. 81D3ACFE-4EEB-4FB3-A689-2BED3CF9690F-598-0000007BD84179D4_zps22240516.jpg
    and for her measurements: F0A2A3EB-5099-47AF-9702-FFD24D9B627D-598-0000007885D2A924_zps258ee22f.jpg 2DC90646-4337-453B-B827-EC166BEC9396-598-000000787C8948FA_zps4367766c.jpg
  13. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    And for the Royal Sadist:

    After his amputation he ended up losing quite a bit of weight even though he was eating more earrthworms than he usually eats. It got to the point that his ribs were clearly visible: A4721ABC-E363-43EC-9524-181631521495-598-0000007735A95259_zpsa27b03ab.jpg
    Here he is eating his worms D761088E-DDA5-40D3-9693-1654F5FC3E77-598-0000007C2B018647_zps8a5f789a.jpg 345E9566-E461-4FC0-90FF-2C5DBBDC72C3-598-0000007C7CF19F3B_zpsdd8b41af.jpg
    Then (thankfully) he rediscovered how awesome roaches were and now he is eating between 20-30 a day and has gained some weight back. 654591C6-BBC2-43F1-91F9-A6F7E8E964CB-598-000000764D670331_zpsb115776e.jpg I have to hold the pan for him until he has eaten his fill. A05221A1-2507-46E5-8624-195679A27B41-598-000000761103BEE4_zps982f4460.jpg Then after his belly is full he takes one more 4A857144-14D0-4588-B81E-7C9D5D311E00-598-000000763EC5A0AC_zpsa09cd95a.jpg and runs off with it. He will carry it around for awhile until he is finally ready to swallow it. BAA640FC-B1B2-43A8-BEC1-64726F79F411-598-0000007C3EC04AA5_zps8c2d9aba.jpg
    See he now has a poochy belly again! 6FD8108E-BF33-40EF-877F-B92E224210ED-598-00000079F4D07360_zps240d79d3.jpg DB059A40-5E49-4F86-BB04-E72E2506CD35-598-000000765A240861_zpsb5e3f3ec.jpg 1888C65D-4559-4804-A033-D984EB3E7C4C-598-000000775727188D_zps0bc61023.jpg
    his cheeks are starting to fill out as well and his tail has regrown about a quarter of an inch so far (i am hoping he grows back atleast 6in of it)

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