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Is This Breeding Season or Just Teenager?

Discussion in 'Green Iguanas' started by wildheart, Mar 19, 2009.

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  1. wildheart

    wildheart Elite Member

    I know that I must leave Forest alone in the mornings because he is ‘busy’, so I only bother him after 10. But yesterday he caught me completely by surprise.

    It was about 16:00 and he was sitting on the sofa with me watching me play playstation. The next moment he decided that my tracksuit top was a female iguana and he sinked his teeth in and started wrestling. I picked him up and took him to his room and after some time successfully got him to let go and tackle his own teddy.


    There was no sign absolutely no warning, what if it was my hand or arm again? What is the best way to get him to release, any suggestions? I did read that I can let him sniff something, do you know what will work best?
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Alcohol. Preferably the drinking kind as it is not toxic the way rubbing alcohol is.
    But in that sort of situation either one will make him let go.
  3. Dominick

    Dominick Founding Member

    Be careful!

    Males in breeding season can latch on to anything in an instant, as you now know. Do NOT take him for granted right now.

    I also heard alcohol is one way to get him to let go. Good luck!
  4. Treemarie

    Treemarie Active Member

    Oh my god listening to you guys is so guys actually pick up and play with your know whats the sense in having a pet that you can't pick up and mess with but I am still afraid...a lot of the pics I saw on this blog here my male is bigger than most other ones female is still little but since I have separated them she is doin great...i have not blocked them off from facing each other and so far so good....thanks Theresa
  5. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    This is one of those cases where fear is your enemy.
    Do not fear the iguana, just respect it for what it is and is capable of doing and be prepared for ANY situation. Being cautious is wise. Allowing yourself to fear it will cloud your judgement, prohibit you from interacting with it, and allow the situation to just get worse.
  6. wildheart

    wildheart Elite Member

    I love my ig sooo much that I just cant stay away from him! Theresa you must just be careful, just as they can be aggressive they can also be the most gentle creatures.;) My ig is just going through a stage, I must just learn to not be so relaxed around him anymore.

    He cant play playstation with me anymore!:p
  7. shwknight

    shwknight Elite Member

    At least not laying so close to your face ;)
    You wouldn't want to deprive your spoiled baby the pleasure of playing playstation would you??:rolleyes::D:D:p
  8. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    Just keep a towel close by when he was out, and hopefully he won't cheat on his girlfriend.
  9. wildheart

    wildheart Elite Member

    [​IMG] Now that was brilliant Kendalle!
  10. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    hehe (delete some of your private messages your box is full)
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