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Is He Healthy??

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by Kylie Vallembois, Jul 29, 2017.

  1. So I've had a cwd for about 2-3 weeks now. I've been reading up and found that if they turn brown, that's a sign of mbd. Well, I've been looking at my lovely lil critter and I've noticed he has some slight brown shading along his back. Is that normal, or should I be worried? I attached a photo if that helps.

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  2. Also, I got him at PetCo (I saw him and fell in love so I just HAD to get him). I have him in a 44" tank with ZooMed Repti Bark bedding. I use a Zilla Tropical UV light and a 100-watt ZooMed basking light during the day, and for night I use a purple ZooMed heat light. I dont have the best humidity gauge so it's not always accurate, but I mist his tank every day about 3 times to keep up the humidity, and I put a wet towel over half of the tank to keep in some humidity. For the day I try to keep temps around 84 degrees, and at night I keep it around 75-80. Due to the towel, I have the UV light vertically across the top of the tank next to the towel, and the two heat lights beside the UV light (for the warm side). I also have a relatively large pool in there for him, I change the water every day. For food, I feed him meal worms and crickets, and I try to feed him fruits and veggies, but he doesn't seem to like them. I also dust his food with calcium once a week. Hope this helps.
  3. Merlin

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    Changing color has nothing to do with MBD. The only visual signs of MBD is a deforming of the skeletal structure and that is in very advanced stages.
  4. Looks happy to me. They change color with mood or their environment not necessarily meaning something is wrong.
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  5. Oh, okay. Thank you!
  6. Oh, I did not know that. I'm just paranoid cuz this is the first time I've owned an exotic pet/a reptile. I just want him to be happy and healthy!
  7. I started with anoles but i love my chinese water dragons they have so much personality my male turns pink and purple when he sees me and waves(he is 8 now)! I hope you enjoy your little guy just follow the standard stuff with lights feeding etc Im sure he will be just fine.
  8. Okie dokie! Thank you
  9. Update, just found this in his water. Is he shedding? Some of the skin on his legs has gotten darker too.

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