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Interested in GTP

Discussion in 'Green Tree Pythons' started by HotSnakeJuice, Aug 13, 2005.

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  1. HotSnakeJuice

    HotSnakeJuice New Member


    I want to get a green tree python and wanted advice since I've never owned one. How do their temperments relate to ball pythons? What are the temp/humid requirements. Anything else intersting I should know :D

    I also have no idea what color to get, I like them all.
  2. BlackJack

    BlackJack Subscribed User Premium Member

    GTP info

    I have two new baby GTPs and think they are great. However, their care and temperments are VERY different from Ball Pythons (I have one of those too!)

    I highly recommend getting "The Complete Chondro" by Greg Maxwell. There's a new addition coming out soon, so you probably should wait for that one.
    In the meantime, he's posted caresheets on his website -- if you read these you'll have a VERY VERY good idea of what you need to know, expect, etc.
    There are also other websites and forums devoted only to GTPs (www. is a good place to start.) Their forums are not as well organized as this one, but they are specifically devoted to GTPs, so there is tons of info there.
    I would highly recommend saving up enough money to get on a waiting list for one of those breeders... most of them offer a complete family tree with pics of their offspring and you really know what you're getting.
    There's a lot of things you can do to prepare for your first GTP: getting or building the proper cage, and learning everything you can will pass the time efficiently and quickly till you find a breeder you can trust! (Don't buy a GTP and then try to figure out how to house it: you should have the cage and everything you need for housing (thermometers, timers, etc) set up and working BEFORE you get your snake!!!
    This is much more important than for BPs and cornsnakes, but a good idea with any snake.
    There are still a lot of imported GTPs that are sold relatively cheaply, but they will often have health/adjustment problems.
    As far as colors go... just take your time and have a good look at some of the websites... it's amazing what's being produced. GTP "locality labels" are not true subspecies and GTPs of all types can and are often cross bred: there are some amazing color morphs out there now. As far as temperment, "Biak-types" are sort of known for being a bit more aggressive and tempermental than "Aru-types" or "Sorong-types".

    One important point: these are not "handling" snakes, like a BP!! At least not in the first year, and any type of handling should be kept to a minimum, because of their very fragile spines and tails.
    I only take my baby Chondros out with a snake hook which can be VERY dangerous, too if not used properly!!, It takes time!! gently moving the hook next to snake (DO NOT hook and pull!!) wait till they decide to crawl onto it. Or if they happen to be moving around at night, it's easy to pick them up with the hook. Trying to hold or grab them with your fingers can cause spinal damage...something not likely to happen in a BP that's born with 3 times the body weight of 4 month old GTPs!
    So they are mostly snakes "for looking" and boy I sure love looking at mine.
    You can PM me anytime you have any questions; but I'm no expert... still researching and learning lots everyday... check out the caresheets that I recommended... that guy IS the expert on GTPs!!
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