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Infant Tristrist Monitor With Eye Issue.

Discussion in 'Monitors' started by Eddygara, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Eddygara

    Eddygara New Member

    I have a pair of cb Tristris (black headed monitor) that I recently picked up. Being thAt they are couple of months old. I have them set up in a temp enclosure before I release then into there permanent cage.

    Im sure everyone is tired of hearing temp enclosures etc.. But I try to make sure my monitors are eating and dedicating before I move them. This also allows me to monitor any wired behaviour. There permanent cage is a 8ft tall, 2ft wide, 2ft deep, with a 1ft subrate dam. There temp is a Rubbermaid tube. 2ftx1.5x 1.5.

    I have been keeping the pair toghter, a substrate mixture of sand and topsail, with a small part of coco fiber. I have there basking spot around 125-135f. And humidity fluctuates from 60- 89%. I provide a misting of the enclosure every other day.

    Fast forward, one night I decided to spray the enclosure like I normally do. Only this time I did it before it was time to turn then lights off. The nex5 morning I turn the lights on feed them and went off to work. Last night while cleaning the cage, i notice on of the monitors not being as active as it should be. After closer inspection, both of it's eyes were closed shut from swelling, as well as its instigating membrane visible over one eye fully, and the 2nd eye partially.

    I went ahead and did notice quite a bit of what looked like debris in it's eye. So I did my best to clean it out with salin and a qtip. Last night he did he eat. As well as pass a stool. But I did notice that he was having a hard time seeing it's food, but was able to find it through smell I assume. But it did eat ALOT.

    Since I found the issue. I separated both monitors. And started keeping the I'll monitor, in it's own cage, with higher temps, and on paper towel instead of the soil mix. I have an appointment with my local exotic pet vet, but living in NYC means I have to wait till Thursday too be seen.

    My question, is what can I do in the mean time? I have been soaking it in like warm water 2 times a day starting today. And letting it rest. For the most part I've noticed that it's been sleeping pretty much all day, while my other Tristris is active and moving about.

    I'm looking for anything I can do or should be looking for in the mean time while I wait to be seen by my vet.

    Thanks I'm advance everyone!
  2. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Sorry but not much you can do but wait.
    Possibly they got into a tuffle. Any scratches around the face area should help indicate that.
    If the coco fibre was dry it could be the culprit as well.
    I actually found one dead the next morning after purchasing my trio. Had a hole in his neck.

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