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I'm Pretty Sure This is a Tail Kink... Opinions Needed!

Discussion in 'Herp Health' started by EyeOfHorus, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. EyeOfHorus

    EyeOfHorus Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping! At this point i've got it narrowed down to, minor spur infection, urate blockage, or at worst a small abscess. All of those are pretty minor compared to pretty much anything else that goes wrong with Reptiles so considering that fact I'm pretty relieved. I love my animals so much I tend to jump to conclusions and over worry over everything lol, and usually nothing is wrong at all. I'm hoping that's the case this time (urate blockage would be nothing imo lol)
  2. thatguy87

    thatguy87 Well-Known Member

    well glad to hear he pooped keep us updated with what the vet says
  3. EyeOfHorus

    EyeOfHorus Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone! Just looking for an opinion quickly, I fed the lil dude on the 13th and he pooped recently. I palpated him and feel what appears to be a blockage of Urates, I've felt that kind of thing before (specifically when I worked at Reptilia Zoo, I had to do health checks on a bunch of new born Boa's daily and several had this going on) ALTHOUGH, I am STILL reserving judgment about it being an abscess, hence the vet appointment is still on.

    However, I want to give him another bath and see if it will help. I am concerned about how close it is to his last feeding though, 5 days to be exact. He still has a tiny tiny lump as it was a bit of a big meal, but I'd feel safe handling him ect so I'm not sure a bath would do any harm... Opinions on that would be appreciated! I am totally out of my element on this one!

    Also, last time I used luke warm water for the bath... well, on the cooler end of luke warm anyway because I didn't want it to be too hot. This time though, I am wondering if I should make it much warmer or not. I'm thinking warm enough to almost be "past luke warm" it's hard to explain but I hope you guys understand what I mean! I don't have a temp gun handy at the moment as my old one broke a day or two ago. Things are going so perfectly for me rhye nao!

    But, I have multiple digital thermometers in my Snakes/Leo's cage anyway just in case that sort of thing happened.. so that isn't an issue. The issue is that I used my temp gun for warm baths in the past to determine the exact water temp.. now I am going to have to just feel it out. Also curious about how long I should leave the lil guy in there for? If it's suppose to be like 20 mins or something like that I'd have to drill extra breathing holes in his personal bathing tub but that's another story lol..

    Any opinions on that would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

    Will do! I usually bring all my new additions to the vet anyways and have never gotten anything besides a clean bill of health so I'm hoping the same holds true here. I became a magician and somehow pulled 150 dollars out of a magical hat somehow for this lil guy, so he should be covered. As I said I'm out of a job as of recent so I'm basically putting the Boa before myself, leaving myself totally and utterly broke. So... with that said, I am praying he is healthy and if not, that it is something easy to fix and not expensive. If it is though.. I am going to have to become a magician full time xD

    Thanks again!
  4. EyeOfHorus

    EyeOfHorus Well-Known Member

    So my lil buddy saw the vet today, The vet initially thought it was an abscess. He decided to put him under anesthesia (slightly) just to slow him down, not to knock him out completely. He then did a full examination and checked inside his vent ect ect. He came to the conclusion that it doesn't appear to be an abscess, or anything else to be concerned about!!!

    He told me though to keep an eye on it and if it gets bigger, back to him I go. So, as it is everything is fine. He only told me to keep an eye on it ect JUST in case, that slight slight chance he's wrong. But after looking inside the vent and doing a bunch of other things to determine if it's an abscess, and none of those things indicating it is an abscess, or anything else, I am positive that everything is absolutely fine.

    I am very very confident that it is a tail kink now, despite what the breeder says. That doesn't mean I don't trust him or whatever, but I think he made an honest mistake and just doesn't realize it.

    So, in conclusion, everything is all good!

    Thanks again everyone!

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