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I'm First I'm first!!!!

Discussion in 'Water Dragons' started by TwilightDreamer1979, Apr 3, 2004.

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  1. TwilightDreamer1979

    TwilightDreamer1979 New Member

    Yay I'm first in the Water Dragon forum lol

    My WaterDragon is called Killer, he's ages between a year and 18 months and he IS a HE.

    TD.x. :p
  2. Python John

    Python John Elite Member

    got pictures? we LOOOVVVEEE pictures
  3. Ace

    Ace Elite Member

    Help me plase

    My wd has a soft bump on his lower back above his back leg joint on one side and on the other side his hip is sharper (you can see the bone) ! whats wrong? What should I do I want advice before the vet maybe I am overreacting but please someone tell me .

    All comments are helpful

    WDBILL Well-Known Member

    i wanted to be first here.....
  5. TwilightDreamer1979

    TwilightDreamer1979 New Member


    lol Sorry mate pipped you to it. Still, it shows how much we love WD's right?

    How many have you got? - what are their size and ages etc etc?


    PS ACE - i don't know what's wrong with your WD, I'd take him to a vet if i were you.. :(
  6. Dragonden

    Dragonden Elite Member

    Awwww Shucks! I wanted to be first! LOL :p

    Ace ... do you have a picture that you can post of your dragons hip area where the bump is? That would help us figure out if this is just a very skinny dragon or if there is something wrong. Are you sure it's not a hip bone that you are seeing? You can usually see the hip bones on all but the very fat fat fat dragons (and even on them you can feel the hip bones).

    If you are worried and or if your dragon is not eating well, not active, doesn't have good colour or has loose smelly stool (or any combo of the above) take it to a qualified reptile vet for a check up.
  7. electrochix

    electrochix New Member

    Any chance of seeing a photo of you're dragon? My Dragon, Jet, is between a year and 18 months as well and I think i probably have a girl. I would like to see pictures of a male that's about the same age so i can make comparisons.
  8. Ace

    Ace Elite Member


    I took Puff to a local pet store because there werent any reptile vets open on sunday and they said that something has gotten under the skin and irrated it and that the bump is puss. They told me to watch him for a day or 2 and then If It dosent get better to take him to the vet and the vet will probaly cut it open and drain it. I will get a pic of him though to show the area. It looks a little better this morning but not much. He eats fine and has beautiful colors and is really active so I think he will be fine if the bump is not better however I will take him to the vet tonight.
  9. Dragonden

    Dragonden Elite Member

    Hey Ace .. if that bump is an infection and it doesn't start to go down by later today or tomorrow then it might have become an abcess, and if it's an abcess then a vet visit is recommended. The vet might put your dragon on antibiotics for a short period of time to see if the abcess goes away with antibiotic treatment, and if it doesn't then the antibiotics will have helped enclose the infected area in the tissue (encapsulated it) making it safer to take the infection out of your dragon by incission.

    Glad to hear that he's active and eating well. :)
  10. Ace

    Ace Elite Member

    Good thing

    :eek: The vet noticed something that I have which as that Puffs bones are kind of weak and he has what appears to be a lame leg. She was also quick to comment that he wasnt well taken care of before I got him....poor little guy. But he will be ok! I just need to pay extra special attenion to him
  11. Dragonden

    Dragonden Elite Member

    Hey Ace glad to hear that you took him to a vet. :) Did the vet prescribe any meds or special care? If his bones are weak does that mean the vet took an xray to determine your dragons bone density?

    Weak, brittle and spongy bones are often caused by MBD (often calcium deficiency). It doesn't sound like you've had your dragon long so he might have come to you in this condition. Please be sure that you have the proper lights (ie UVB producing lights), proper heat and that you are supplimenting the diet appropriately with calcium.
  12. TwilightDreamer1979

    TwilightDreamer1979 New Member

    I might do If I knew how to post pictures??!!

    I have an 18 month old female WD now too ;)
  13. SeranaKitty

    SeranaKitty Member

    my boyfriend and i have two water dragons, i have no idea how old either is. Mitch (who i think is male) is older, and bigger. Talon (I'm hoping this one's female) i got on sunday. they're both so friendly, i adore them. i'm currently working on building a cage for them out of a 50gal. rubbermade container. i'm hoping to get better pictures of them soon. i'll attach the ones i already posted earlier...
    you post oictures by going to "post reply" (not quick reply), and scrolling down the screen to "attach files" and click the "manage Attachments" and you can load them from there!
    i hope your baby is doing better.

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