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Iguana Won't Eat

Discussion in 'Green Iguanas' started by labelleninirose, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. labelleninirose

    labelleninirose Elite Member

    Oh my Gosh! Sorry I didn't know people where still posting on my post. No, she hasn't laid yet. I'm waiting for the Vet to call me back to get updates. She will eat a little bit of mixed salad and watercress but not a lot. If she does not eat we force feed her some organic baby food mixed with water and calcium powder...just trying to her keep her alive.
  2. Kendalle

    Kendalle Elite Member

    Still no up dates?
  3. wildheart

    wildheart Elite Member

    Read all the pages..... I wonder how she is?
  4. Golddrakken

    Golddrakken Active Member

    Still no updates? :confused:
  5. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Yeah here now!
    Inquiring minds want to know!;)
  6. labelleninirose

    labelleninirose Elite Member

    Omg lol this post is back, I must have forgotten about updating this post. Okay so I just want everyone to know she is back to normal. No she has not laid eggs, but the constant scratching and climbing has stopped and she is eating like a pig again. The eggs must have been destroyed inside or something, but she has gained her weight back and is great :) She is not aggressive anymore either. I am so sorry to have not updated on this. I didn't used to come on this site 10 times a day like now :p
  7. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    LOL Just click on the "Quickies" button at the top and select New posts and it will show you everything that you haven't read yet.

    It's good to know that all is right again!
  8. labelleninirose

    labelleninirose Elite Member

    Here is a picture of her now, taken about 15 mins ago :)

  9. wildheart

    wildheart Elite Member

    Oh I am glad she is back to her normal self again. I was worried about her. She looks beautiful!
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