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Iguana Spine Trouble- Advice Needed!

Discussion in 'Green Iguanas' started by RexAurilia, Nov 27, 2014.

  1. RexAurilia

    RexAurilia Member

    I have a 10 year old male, red iguana. He has never had any big issues with his spines. He gets bathed frequently, and when he's shedding I will use mineral oil to help get the spines off. As he's gotten older some of his spines have become harder to get off. Recently one of his spines was ready to shed and I pulled it off. In doing so midway it seemed to bend or crease. Like maybe the whole thing wasn't ready to come off yet? I pulled the remainder of the old spine off and thought after a day or so it would stand back up. It has been about a week now and the spike is still bent over, like a thirsty plant. It is soft, kind of gummy and oozing a yellow puss like liquid. There has been no blood. It is only the top half of his spine. I have been putting hydrogen peroxide on it and then neosporin on it. It's not infected. I am worried that he may loose this portion of his spine. The color is whitish/gray.

    Is the spine broken and just not getting circulation and going to fall off on it's own? Is there something I can do to remedy this? Because it is oozing it leads me to believe it's fixable. My other concern is that it's not healing because he isn't getting adequate UV lighting. I have ordered him a new light bulb, as the current one has reached it's time limit.

    I read in the Iguana Handbook that the topical liquid Second Skin, used with a piece of his previous shed skin (spine in this case); can be applied much like a patch on a flat tire. Do you think this might work with his spine? Also when he goes outside in the direct sunlight it seems to perk up and is only half way bent. This is what leads me think with proper UV it might heal as well. This morning when I took him out of his home the spine was fully drooping, some straight sunlight and it perked up. The new bulb will arrive tomorrow, but if it's still not giving him enough UV and this doesn't remedy it, is there anything else I can do to help resuscitate this spine? I am working on getting him a much better lighting system, so I can stop buying the ExoTerra UV lights every 3-4 months and give him quality conditions, but in the meantime I want to heal his spine!

    Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated. Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!
  2. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Can you post some pictures of it? It can help with diagnosis and also help others who come across this thread.
    Until the Iguana owners arrive I will give my two cents. The yellow liquid sounds like an infection to me and should be dealt with before it gets worse. You say it's not infected, is that because the peroxide doesn't bubble up?

    If you've had him for the 10 years then your UV light setup is working good in my opinion.

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