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Iguana needs new home

Discussion in 'Adoptions' started by sinbad, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. sinbad

    sinbad New Member

    i have an iguana that needs a home. i unfornately do not have the space required anymore and would rather give her up to someone who has the space and knowledge to take great care of her instead of downsizing her living space and not giving the best home she deserves. original owners did not socialize her and she got outside for three months. in that time period something had gotten a hold of her for she is missing two middle toes on the front feet missing half her tail which never grew back and scars on knees and abdomen. rough couple of 2-3yrs. exroommate took her in and did not take care of her. i could not watch this animal just die so i took the responsability and gave her the care that i could. when lease was up i moved and she came with me for he would have just killed her, so seven yrs later i have given her the best i could and now no longer can. she is about 10yrs old. cage and lights will go with her. PVC cage 4ft deep, 5ft wide, 5ft high, with two basking bulbs, two uva-b bulbs, and domes. i have done the best in trying to socialize her but she has just always been cautious and seems to rather be left be. i get her out and she just wants back in cage. hope someone can help live in york county pa

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