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If You Wanted A Crocodilian Which Would You Go For?

Discussion in 'General' started by caters, Aug 7, 2015.


If you wanted a crocodilian which would you go for

  1. Alligator

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  2. Caiman

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  3. Crocodile

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  1. caters

    caters Member

    If you wanted a crocodilian which one would you go for?


    I personally would go with the alligator for 3 reasons:

    1) Only the crocodile is more widespread
    2) Alligators are more docile than caimans or crocodiles because they have been around humans for thousands of years
    3) If you start training as soon as the alligator hatches you can get the alligator to be nice towards people. If you then breed the tamest alligators, since there is a genetic component to that tameness the tame genes would pass on to the second generation of alligators and after years and years of doing that process they will have become domesticated. Wild alligators wouldn't even notice the difference but people sure would.

    The training would be sort of like this.

    1) get you and the gator ready for it
    2) say "Gator, come here"
    3) give a reward to the alligator if he/she doesn't try to bite anyone

    At first the alligator wouldn't get it but after a few months it will start making the connections and after a year or more it will do it almost every time even without the reward.

    Zookeepers are using this process to train alligators and crocodiles to walk into the crates when they need checked so that they don't have to tape its snout shut and carry it into the crate. An 800 pound male alligator would take at least 4 people to carry it if not 8. This is risky since the people could accidentally cause the gator to get a dislocation without realizing it. The weight of the gator could also cause the zookeepers to get a dislocation. They could also get clawed by the gator and potentially bit. That is why they are training the alligators and crocodiles to walk into the crates is so that they can minimize the risk of injury.
  2. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    It's not a safe idea to regard any reptile, especially a large one as either 'tame' or 'safe'. reptiles are not domesticated like cats or dogs ( the latter of which still kill people with some regularity anyways. No reptile species has been in captivity for thousands of years the way dogs have.

    While zookeepers do make an attempt to train most animals, they also have a healthy respect for the animals abilities, and lots of practice reading and understanding an animals body language. No zookeeper worth their salt is going to put all of their faith In a trained animal without some kind of backup plan, should things go wrong. Most zoos have a backup plan for their whole collection. It's called a rifle team.

    No amount of training will ever render any animal 100% safe and guaranteed not to turn on a human.
  3. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    everything has been around humans for thousands of years. That does not equal docile. And Docile is not a word I would use around any crododilian. Alligators, while not quite as aggressive as crocs or caiman are still nothing to be trusted. And a lot of the ones you see in shows and such have been drugged or kept cool to slow them down to make them have the appearance of being tame. They are not and never will be anything to be trusted.

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