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Ideal Fire Skink Enclosure? Advice Needed.

Discussion in 'Skinks' started by Andyurgay, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. Andyurgay

    Andyurgay Member

    I've had my fire skink for nearly two weeks now and rarely, if ever, see the guy out of the substrate. I have him on 4 inches of moist coconut fiber. And I've read a few different places that some people have great success getting their fire skinks to be out and active during the day by creating an ideal surface environment. But I've also read a lot of conflicting ideas on what is ideal for these guys.

    Right now I have him in a 20 gallon long since he is still pretty small. He has logs he can crawl through, a hide, some plants and drift wood to climb on and through. But he just does not seem interested in being out at all. I have his basking spot at 90, the cooler side around 79. I have his heat lamp, a 100 watt about 5 inches from his highest basking area and his UVB is on about 12 hours a day. I just feel like I was misled as to how to keep him and I just want to fix whatever is wrong and make him as happy as possible. He has shed since I've had him, he has pooped once that I have seen and usually has a great appetite. But lately he has seemed less than interested in his crickets or worms. I've soaked him a couple times and mist his cage a few times a day, trying to keep the humidity around 70%, his substrate is always moist though.

    What is absolutely best for him? I know a bigger enclosure would be ideal, which I am working on getting, but for now, what would make a fire skink hide all the time vs coming out and basking? He always seems cold when I dig him out.
  2. LeoLover98

    LeoLover98 Member

    He's still fairly new so I would think he just needs time to get used to his environment.

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    Nothing I would be personally worried about anyways. As long as he is eating well and drinking water.
  3. infantry492

    infantry492 Active Member

    If hes cold, you could try a heating pad. it doesn't need to be a huge one either, just figure out where he hides most and put it near that. what kind of water source do you have? If its just a bowl of still water, he may not drink from it or even realize its there. My fire skink wouldn't drink from his so I went and bought a water fountain made by exo terra and I see that he does drink from that opposed to not drinking the stagnant water. If you have the spare money, I would recommend that fountain, aside from the big ugly wire, its aesthetically pleasing and will probably fit well with the tank theme on top of being very useful. everything else you're doing seems to be good as far as I can tell, then again I'm new to fire skinks, Ive had mine since August and he was acting very similar to yours from what I can tell. I honestly just think its them getting adjusted to their new surroundings, but anyways, best of luck to you!!
  4. Helios

    Helios Elite Member

    So I'm way late to the party. First, you are absolutely right about the conflicting info. Essentially what I have seen is that because they are not yet well studied many are not kept ideally. Often they end up. In a tank with substrate and a bare surface. Fire skinks inhabit scrub, woodlands, and brush. They need a surface with lots going on in order to feel secure. Long story short: they have a false reputation for being reclusive when in reality they aren't housed in a manner that meets all of their needs. That said, if housed in an enclosure well covered and filled with plants, branches, etc. They will be more active. Another factor is weather and season. I have observed decreased activity after breeding season and on cool, overcast days.

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