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Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by brdrokem7, Mar 23, 2017.

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    Recently a few of my ball pythons died suddenly. One of the first was a python that I had for 3 years and was doing fantastic until his sudden decline and death. Based on the contorted positions I found them dead in, along with the way a few others in my collection have been acting, I suspect it's IBD. From what I've read on it, I get that if it's sick it's going to die. Is there anything that I can do to save the remaining snakes from becoming sick? I have spread them all out around the house so they aren't so close to each other anymore since I don't know who's infected but not showing signs yet. I've been bleaching everything. How can I tell if the snakes are showing early signs of the disease? I've seen one that is rarely out of his hide "exploring" the cage a lot. Another has been looking at the ceiling for days. One has been picking its head up and rocking sort of dazed while stretching to the top of the cage. A few have regurgitated their food after a few days. All except one who regurgitated died shortly thereafter. One of them I saw having muscle spasms, couldn't close it's mouth and its body was (slithering, waiving?) uncontrollably on and off throughout the day before it died. Most of these snakes I've had a few years and were doing well until now. None of their living conditions have changed, temps are good, they always have water in their bowls, cages are clean, no sign of mites. Anyone who has been through this who has any insight, it would be much appreciated. I know there's nothing to be done if it's already sick, but I want to do as much damage control as possible for all the rest.

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