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I Think My Red Eared Tree Frog Is Sick... Please Help

Discussion in 'Tree Frogs' started by kissa92, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. kissa92

    kissa92 New Member

    I bought my red eyed tree frog in June 2017 and he has been doing well until a few days ago. A little bit of background information he is by himself in a tall 10 gallon tank. I recently put in a digital thermometer/hygrometer. The temperature is currently 79 degrees F and the humidity is 70%. I mist his tank down twice a day.

    My frog usually sleeps up high on the walls and five days ago I noticed him sleeping lower to the ground on the tops of his stumps which is unusual for him. I picked him up to check on him and attempted to put him back on a leaf. He was unable to grip onto the leaves and he would fall over backwards a couple times. My frog then just sat by the edge of his water bowl most of the day. I had cleaned out his tank about a month ago and had used a different substrate than I usually do and I think that this substrate might have not held as much moisture as his old substrate. I made sure to squirt him down throughout the day and he eventually was able to climb in his tank, perched himself, and went to sleep. I’m assuming he was dehydrated.

    I purchased the exo terra monsoon solo mister that night to keep his tank humid and by the next day the timer mechanism broke and the whole 1.5 liters of water misted into the tank (so that will be going back to the pet store). So I cleaned out his tank and went back to his old substrate, jungle mix.

    Now it appears that my frog is sleeping all day and night. I usually turn off his light by 8 and an hour later he usually wakes up and moves around, but these past few days he just stays asleep. I’m unsure if he is getting up during the night because he is always in the same spot in the morning. I have been feeding him crickets but am unsure if he has been eating them. I read that some people put their crickets in a bowl where they cannot hop out (if anyone else has tried it I would love to hear how it worked).

    I am just really worried about my froggo and would love some advice about what I could do to help him. (ps I posted some pictures of the tank and my frog…I woke up the frog for one picture). 25530221_1960905750604662_1701097357_n.jpg 25589702_1960905800604657_1451889139_n.jpg 25589998_1960905780604659_1041387420_n.jpg
  2. WildsideEstates

    WildsideEstates New Member

    Have you noticed any discharge coming from the nasal openings during breathing? Like little bubblesm
  3. kissa92

    kissa92 New Member

    No WildsideEstates. I haven't noticed any discharge. I gave him some warm water in his water dish a couple days ago and placed him near it to soak. He's been acting like his old self after that. Not sure what caused him to act the way he was before unless his old substrate just caused him to be dehydrated. Hopefully he continues to act normally!
  4. WildsideEstates

    WildsideEstates New Member

    He actually may have just liked that rock for camo, or he was a bit too chilly. Just keep an eye on him. Very well written post by the way. Wish you guys the best of luck.

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