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I Need Some Adivce Please.

Discussion in 'Rainbow Boas' started by Iggysmommie, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Iggysmommie

    Iggysmommie Elite Member

    Ok here goes, Ophion shed two days ago and this one was a strange one. It was almost like he didnt even try to rub his nose or head on anything to start it off. His temps are 85-86F in his basking spot and 70-75 on the cool side, his humidity is at 80 to 90% and he is now on coco fiber. His shed came off almost in one piece with the bottom of his head and from the neck down seemed to come off just fine. The top of his head just never came off and I did not observe Ophion trying to get it off. I gave him over night to get it off then I gave him a bath and put him in a warm damp towel and did the q-tip trick top get it off bit when I did that I got the shed off but no eye caps.. Now heres where I am at a loss. I cant see the eyecaps because the rainbow that I have after his blue phase just gets real clear and shiny. to me it doesnt look like he still has them on but I dont know. Has anyone else had this happen?.
  2. hennisntacanibal

    hennisntacanibal Elite Member

    If you didn't see the eye caps on the shed, or when you did the qtip thing, odds are they are still there. Try the old pillowcase trick tonight, just to be on the safe side. It won't hurt him and it'll help get anything else off.
  3. Iggysmommie

    Iggysmommie Elite Member

    Thank you Jenn, I was on the same page as that as well. I mean if they have come off already it wont hurt him to be sure.
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member


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