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I Need Help With Ideas About A Tank

Discussion in 'Amphibian - General' started by Liltragedy, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. Liltragedy

    Liltragedy New Member

    I have a 5ft long by 2ft tall by 1 1/2 long terrarium that I converted from an aquarium & I want ideas of what I could do with so much space. What kind of animals, cool ways to set it up, all that stuff. Anything helps.
  2. EctoJoJo

    EctoJoJo Well-Known Member

    Do you have any photos? The type of lid on it (insulation / air flow) would help determine what kind of environment will be most easily maintained.
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  3. Liltragedy

    Liltragedy New Member

    I don't have a lid yet, for that specific reason. I want to know what I'm doing before I start investing more money

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