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I Just Couldn’t Help Myself (new Additions)

Discussion in 'Colubrids *General*' started by Jflores, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    Hey all, I just wanted to show you my new girls. Unfortunately they are not here yet. However, they will be shipped to me in about two weeks. These amazing pictures were provided by their breeder, who I must admit is an awesome dude. These two come from a Het Anery male X Normal (red) female. Anyways, that’s pretty much it for now; I will post up their arrival pictures when they get in. Have a great and safe weekend.



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  2. Wynd

    Wynd Elite Member

    Oooh, very pretty :D Lucky you! ;) Be sure to flood us with more pics :D
  3. purplemuffin

    purplemuffin Elite Member

    Cuties!!! I bet you can't wait to meet them!
  4. easttxchevygal

    easttxchevygal Elite Member

    Im spool jelouse!!! I wish my hubby would allow just 1snake in the house!!!!
  5. gazjd

    gazjd Elite Member

    congrats :) i love the markings on them both
  6. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    Thanks everyone! ! You have no idea how excited Dee and I are, we found these girls last wek sunday a day after their breeder posted them and without hesitation I called him and left him a message.. since that day I always go onto his webpage to check this girls as you can imagine I feel like a kid before Christmas morning...

    @Gazjd, thanks the marking are what totally got Dee and I hooked.. However, something about the first one strikes me as being completely odd. And, then the second one has a really bold look to it...
  7. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Congratulations to you and Dee!

    Oh my!:x How cute are they, I'm so excited to see more pictures of them when they arrive and get a good look at those little faces!
  8. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    I'm somewhat disappointed and wanted to vent a bit, apparently there was something wrong with the hognose that's pictured first in this thread...So I will not be getting her, however on the brighter side I will be getting her sibling whose pictures is attached below(picture came directly from the breeder). Oh well stuff happens I suppose..


    If all goes well, I should have both of them here by Thursday.

    Oh and another thing a friend of mine who breeds hognose, hooked me up with an awesome Normal red 100% albino female baby, She is so tiny!!!! Dee is absolutely in love with her....

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  9. Wynd

    Wynd Elite Member

    These are so cool! How are they as pets?
  10. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    They are amazing pets very calm unless spooked... However, I will warn you they are literally garbage disposals >:) ....their metabolism is insane, I have all my Hognose snakes on a feeding schedule of every 3 days.:((( as you can imagine my rodent feeder bill has doubled lol
  11. Wynd

    Wynd Elite Member

    WoW! How big are they? I've been thinking about a small snake, since we can breed our own feeders easily ;)
  12. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    They are relatively small, Males being smaller than the females usually get about 15-24 inches and females get about 28-36 inches.. But, like everything in life there are exceptions, a while back ago Dee and I were invited to go see a breeders collection and towards the end of the tour we brought out his star female..and let me tell you she was HUGE!!!!!.about 4ft in length..when I first saw her I have to admit I was reconsidering working with them, but the breeder then told me that she was a rare case..and they usually didn't get that big..
  13. Wynd

    Wynd Elite Member

    Nice! They sound like they are a good size (hubby dislikes snakes and was nervous with my BPs), not too large but not teenie tiny ;)
  14. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    Yup, they truly are awesome snakes..with HUGE appetites!!! I can't wait for my two girls to finally get here...Trust me It took a while for me to convince Dee to let me get my first pair, but now that she is able to work with them she has become obsessed!!!
  15. Wynd

    Wynd Elite Member

    Are there a few morphs available? I'd love to eventually get a trio, especially if there are some albino or similar colors ;) (yes, I am vain, lol)
  16. Jflores

    Jflores Elite Member

    There are more than a few anaconda's, superconda, toffee belly, snow, red phase, green phase, just to name a few and let me tell you each and every single one is just as amazing....
  17. Wynd

    Wynd Elite Member

    Oh they are gorgeous :x One day, I will have some :D

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