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I Got My Newest Addition

Discussion in 'Ball Pythons' started by jfogle78, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. jfogle78

    jfogle78 Elite Member

    I got him Feb 12th. He is just perfect. I got him to eat last night. Ive been calling him Snakey, I cant think of a good name:)
  2. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    Oh, he's a real cutie! Then I've never really met an ugly ball. At least none that were not uglified by a hard life (one we rescued is no pretty sight, but he was not born that way - rat bite and cigarette scars do that to a snake)
  3. venus

    venus Founding Member

    He's beautiful :)
  4. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Very Nice Jen! Just don't name him "Monty"!
    Rates right up there with Iguanas named Iggy!;)
  5. raechael

    raechael Elite Member

    Yeah Monty is what mine came named and I hate it...I am trying to find a better name to suit his personality but its just not coming to me yet.
  6. Maya

    Maya Elite Member

    He is adorable! Roman/Latin names have a good ring to them. My 14 year old gave ours a grand name "Tiberius Sempronius Gracchus" A Roman Socialist Politician (suits this era). A Plebian with royal connections (very American don't you think?).
  7. jfogle78

    jfogle78 Elite Member

    Kind like I named my one Ig Iggy lol that was accidental I wasn't even thinking about it being a shortening of Iguana:)
    And thanks everyone.

    Maya I want a name thats kind of simple, that is however a nice name though.
  8. Maya

    Maya Elite Member

    That could be his formal name to register for that Prep school admissions, and then get one of those wasp nick names like Buffy, Mifty etc. or he/she could be a southern Billy-Ray, Lucy-May... Mine has been called Tibby at times. It sure is fun to research reptile names.
  9. jfogle78

    jfogle78 Elite Member

    So Ive been calling him Snakey, I know very corney but it just fits him. He had his first shed with me Saturday, no problems. He also ate a small rat for me. He eats live, his previous owner had no luck switching him ovcer to f/t or p/k. I'm going to try after he settles in more to try to switch him over.
  10. savannahmon181

    savannahmon181 Elite Member

    It can be hard with balls they are picky eaters any ways I would try p/k I know its hard to do this to rats but its for the well being of the snake get a ice cooler one that holds a seal and put some dry ice in it with some water make sure you cover the dry ice so the rat can't get it but then drop the rat in it wait about a min and a half some times they seem dead but they will pop back up so give him some time to pass then it still has its natrual body temp and the snake thinks it is still alive after he gets used to that then just go to f/t and he should take to it nicely
  11. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Most balls with a bit of effort can be converted to F/T. Occassionally you get the hold out but most of them will give in and take it.
    Just takes a bit of effort.
  12. Maya

    Maya Elite Member

    Great idea with the dry ice, I am going to try that tomorrow.
  13. jfogle78

    jfogle78 Elite Member

    Im going to give him another week or 2 and then try f/t again.
  14. EaZyBaKe0vEn

    EaZyBaKe0vEn Elite Member

    Beautiful snake! Have you thought of a name yet?
  15. jfogle78

    jfogle78 Elite Member

    Been calling him Snakey lol nothing seems right for him.
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