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I Got Another BRB

Discussion in 'Rainbow Boas' started by rhinokeeper, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. rhinokeeper

    rhinokeeper Elite Member

    I got a 6month old male brb today off craigslist. I felt I had to save the little guy. Previous owner had him in a ten gallon tank w/screen lid, hardly any water, and to top it off he was on sand. Poor guy doesn't even shine that wonderful rainbow. His complain was that it always had feed problems. First off this dude had absolutely no idea what he was doing nor done any kind of research on the poor animal. So I feel I rescued my new friend. Gonna let him get used to being in correct conditions for fhe rest of the day and night and see if I can't get the bugger to accept a few rat pinkies tomorrow. I will post pics tomorrow, I don't really want to bother him anymore than he has been in the past few months. Wish me luck. Btw he was only 50 bucks. I say big score!
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  2. Thalatte

    Thalatte Elite Member

    Well you might want to give him a couple days to settle in and rehydrate before you stress him out. Unless your just going to leave a pinky on a plate in his cage without bothering him...
    Also you may want to consider covering his tank as it may help him adjust faster.
  3. rhinokeeper

    rhinokeeper Elite Member

    He ate for me just now. He was out exploring so I offered a mouse.....and he readily took it
  4. rhinokeeper

    rhinokeeper Elite Member

    So he has been out roaming around since I got him set up in his new home (identical to my female's) and his skin is already losing all the wrinks and the iridescent coloring is coming back. Super excited about him feeding and drinking for me already. I offered him the hopper (pre killed) :/ with feed tongs inside the enclosure and he wrapped it up nice and put it down in less than 3 mins. Poor conditions gets you poor results in your animals.
  5. rhinokeeper

    rhinokeeper Elite Member

    IMG_20140418_232420.jpg here he is. He is in what was my females enclosure. I got her set up with a slightly larger version of the one she was in. Set up the exact same.
  6. rhinokeeper

    rhinokeeper Elite Member

    Without flash IMG_20140419_112435.jpg

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