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I Am Scared to Hold Our Baby Red Tail Boa! Help!

Discussion in 'Common/Red Tail Boa' started by MarissaEmerita, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Hi.. I'm new on this site, my name's Krysta, just thought I'd introduce myself =) I totally get where you are coming from with this .. my boyfriend has had all kinda of snakes and reptiles in the past also.. last summer he brought home our baby girl Medusa, I had never had a snake before & didn't even like the idea of having one before then, lol! So I was feelin the same way for the most part.. but the reality is, just know that even the most docile of animals, no matter what kind, if they have teeth, you are always running the risk of getting bit, just because, they are animals.

    Right now we currently have 2 juvenile Columbian Red Tails, Medusa; about 2 yrs, got her @ 8 months old.. 3 ft long {we kept her small on purpose for the first 6 months, so she's a little small for her age} and Charon; about 1 yr, got him around 6 months old.. a little under 2 1/2 ft long. They are both very docile and well tempered, and they still snap once and a while.

    I'd say it's a risk that comes along with owning a snake. However, it's not something you need to constantly worry about, I believe the benefits highly outweigh the negatives of owning reptiles. No matter how docile and chill your snake it, it's still a snake, which means there's always the CHANCE of it biting, it's an animal. Just be prepared to get a nip here and there.. as long as it's not a regular or frequent occurance, I wouldn't worry about it being a problem for you.

    You want to make sure you handle her correctly, which isn't hard. Don't let yourself get really nervous, they can sense that something isn't right and it will make them nervous. You want to try to handle her pretty often, this will get her used to being handled and being around people. Do not come at her from the front, like, when you pick her up, make sure you grab her around the middle of her body, nowhere near the head really, they feel threatened when something is too close or coming at their head. Always wash your hands before handling her, and try to always use the same soap or lotion. Snakes remember people and places by smell, and you want her to know it's you.

    So, pretty much what I'm tryna get across is, if you handle your snake right, and care for them in a good home {which it definitely sounds like she is in a good home =) }, they will have no reason to bite you and usually will not, especially as they get more and more used to being handled often as they will be less nervous being around people. However, always remember, it is a snake, and if it has a mouth, it can bite. As I said, if you are going to own a snake, just expect to get a nip here and there occasionally.

    Sorry if I was rambling!! =\ What kind of snake is she? You should post a picture! I bet she's beautiful =D
    I'll post a pic of mine: imagejpeg_2.jpg

    Medusa & Charon all curled up into a ball ;P

    TREVOR New Member

    Try wearing gloves untill your used to her.

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