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Hypo BRB.....????

Discussion in 'Rainbow Boas' started by Rainbowsrus, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Rainbowsrus

    Rainbowsrus Well-Known Member

    For several years I have been working on producing stronger Hypo BRB's. I have produced 9 litters of hets from Hypo x unrelated to hypo pairings and acquired several others as well. The intent of eventually doing some number of het x het pairings to produce outcrossed hypos. In 2012 I did one such pairing between a Tim Frasier line Het and one of my Lockwood Colling babies. Somewhat disappointing litter as there were only a few babies. Two were two clear Hypos but one has severe kinks that will mean it's unsexable and IMO unbreedable. The one good hypo is decent but not a stunner.

    the one good male Hypo TF-CH-1201:


    TF-CH-1201 Shown again with a normal baby (meant to be a littermate but pulled the wrong tub. Actually pulled two tubs and they both looked the same but selected the second one because that baby was more balled up so easier to move and shoot pics. Figured out my mistake later when I noticed the tub number was for a DT-OZ baby.
    (TF-CH-121 with DT-OZ-1204)

    <img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"/>

    Now for the interesting part.... One of the "non-hypo" babies was lighter and brighter than the other. Noticeably so and as they have grown it's getting more and more pronounced. And on top of it, the dark pattern outlines never fully darkened. I'm now wondering if it may also be a hypo, an insane color hypo at that??

    TF-CH-1201 on the upper left, DT-OZ-1204 on the upper right and TF-CH-1203 in the foreground.


    A couple of pics focusing on the insane color female but still with the other two in frame for contrast...


    And just for kicks, TF-CH-1203 with WI-FR-1214 to show how it compares to a high color baby. Notice the difference in the dark outlines? How the WI-FR female is much darker than the TF-CH female!


    sooooooooo, whatcha think? is she a hypo or not?

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  2. savedeafdogs

    savedeafdogs Member

    good looking snake for sure, Idk if its a hypo tho.... the blacks are a little dark in my opinion. But i could be wrong :)
  3. Rainbowsrus

    Rainbowsrus Well-Known Member

    While I agree the darks are too dark, there is an intensity there that I can't explain.

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