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Discussion in 'Over the Rainbow' started by Kikai, Nov 15, 2004.

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  1. Kikai

    Kikai Elite Member

    Well, the sickly SIB finally passed over into the great Island in the Sky. For those that remember, I bought these 2 non feeding neonate Solomon Island Ground Boas at an Expo for 2/$15.00. I've had them going on...hmm....6-8 months now? The White one is doing fantastic, and eating f/t pinks 2 at a time, but the brown one never quite caught up. He had skin issues, a swelling mid body, had to be assist fed most of the time, etc. When I went to give them their weekly pink, he was already gone. It's always sad to lose one, even when you know their chances are slim.
  2. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    I'm sorry to hear that Kathy! Its always difficult to lose one.
    Hopefully the other will thrive for you!
  3. Jay DeMore

    Jay DeMore Elite Member

    What a shame, I know how it feels to have a non-feeder.
  4. Lyn

    Lyn Elite Member

    Sorry to hear Kathy...

    I feel for you...Lyn
  5. Jem_Scout

    Jem_Scout Elite Member

    I'm so sorry for your loss.... :(

    SKULLMAN Elite Member

    sorry about your pet :(
  7. steel rip

    steel rip Elite Member

    So sorry, :(
  8. Inphormatika

    Inphormatika Elite Member

    I'm sorry for the loss. At least you tried.
  9. Kikai

    Kikai Elite Member

    Thanks, everyone. I didn't expect either of them to live when I first got them, but I wanted to try. Check the Solomon Island Boas for a pic of my SIB's sib that is doing really well.
  10. DarkMagician207

    DarkMagician207 Elite Member

    thats such a shame! sorry to hear about the poor little guy. :( but its good that you tried and made him as comfortable as you could. the other one looks like its doing great. very pretty. :)
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