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Huge New Vivarium Build.

Discussion in 'Tree Frogs' started by Froglet, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Froglet

    Froglet Active Member

    Hi y'all; I'm new to the forum and Frogs. I have been researching Red eyed tree frogs for about 4 months now and designing a Viv for them. I finally started the build 2 weeks ago and am having a blast. I have kept and breed tropical fishes for 40 yrs and know that bigger is better for fish; I am assuming it is the same for frogs. My Vivarium is L48"xW34""xH48", the entire front and a 12"x48" frontside piece are all 1/4" glass with 2 central hinged doors each 12"w 24"h and 12" off the bottom. There is a waterfall system that is 24" off the bottom with a short stream that runs into an irregularly shaped aquarium/Pond at the front that I can see into through the bottom front piece of glass. I am inserting 4" sherbet glasses about 3/4 the way up;into the Faux foam rock walls that will be covering both sides and the back walls. It will have a powerhead to feed the waterfall and another one underneath the false bottom that I can use on demand to return any extra plant water to the filtered pond section that is filtered to feed the waterfall, thus completing the cycle. There will be aquatic plants in the pond and a small Bog section plus as many tropical plants as I can comfortably place is the planting areas, I have also built in quite a few planting areas in the walls too and am doing 2 Faux rotten tree stumps and a long twisted rotten branch with planting holes for Air plants too. The floor planting level will be started with 2 layers of landscape fabric over the egg crate false bottom supported on 2" pvc slotted for drainage pipe stands. On top of that I will have 2" of hydro clay balls and 5" of eco-earth and orchid soil mix covered with an inch or two of Cypress bark or Zoo med-Coco Core. There will be 2 4" axial ventilation fans, not sure of best placements for these? The top will have a L40"xW36' steel screened vent opening with 3- 48" Ho fluorescents and a Uv Reptile bulb. Not sure the best type yet, probably a 54watt Chytrid Fungus.
    I am using a combination of > Zavlar liquid rubber; to cover the entire wooden enclosure, Drylock waterproof paint for the styrofoam rock walls and to make the Aquarium water retaining wall. I will use a fiber-glass strip embedded in multiple coats at the base of the underwater rock to ensure a waterproof seal and some stability too. The glass will be siliconed into place with clear silicone. I am going to document all the methods that I find work with all these products, as in what sticks to what, drying time and whatever other tests I can think of. I will take some pics as I go but I do not have a video camera "yet".
    I want to house 5-7 Red eyes in here but I am not sure how loud they get at night??? I live in a small bachelor apartment, any advice as to things I am missing or might consider would be much appreciated. I feel like a Kid at Christmas again ; this is so exciting to think of having a piece of Jungle in my house.

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