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How to care for frogs

Discussion in 'Tree Frogs' started by Siould, Jan 10, 2015.

  1. Siould

    Siould New Member

    My son, 10, really wants an American Green Tree Frog. I would like somebody to tell me how to care for them before I get him one. We have an extra 20 gallon aquarium; will that be sufficient for a few American Green Tree Frogs? We keep the Pyxie Frogs at 80 during the day, but I was thinking that 72 would be better for an American Green Tree Frog? Should we keep them cooler in the winter (we don't do this with the Pyxie Frogs). Can they be fed crickets? My son isn't interested in handling them, just having them as a pet to watch and enjoy. He says he is afraid he would hurt them anyway. Would they be okay beginner frogs for my son? He wanted to get 4 of them instead of 1. Would 4 fit into the one 20 gallon tank? The aquarium we have is an oddly shaped 20 tall. We keep the Pyxie Frogs at 65 during the night; would this be okay for the American Green Tree Frogs, too? Would a low wattage incandescent bulb be good? How many times per day should we mist them? Would 55 at night during the winter be good? I was thinking of doing this during the six weeks of the coldest time in winter, since it would be more natural for them anyway and easier on our electric bill. Can they eat waxworms? Can we catch moths for them?

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