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How Did They Die?? Opionions

Discussion in 'Leopard Geckos' started by Japatalarican, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. Japatalarican

    Japatalarican Member

    On sunday i bought 8 leopard geckos from ashley bridges at Northen Bred Geckos out of Londonberry,NH. She first was going to deliever them to my house which was in framingham,ma but then asked if i could meet her in burlington, ma which is 1 hr from my house. I was reluctant but said yes i could do that. So on sunday i went to pick them up, temps were under 40 and i know thats too cold but i figured, well we are in cars with heat so they should be good. I get there and meet her at the mall, i pay her the money for the geckos, she shows them to me to make sure they are all there which they were but i didnt really inspect them because it was too cold outside to take them out. I took them into my care which is a lexus suv, and placed them on the floor in the box and i had my heat up to 82 degrees. I drove like a grandma because i know i had geckos in containers and didnt make any kind of sudden stops or anything, just regular driving if a bit slower. So i get home, go up to my reptile room and take them out of the box and i lay them all seperate, i go to pick up my sunglow giant... and she dead.. i think damn shes sleeping good then after liek 5 seconds i realize shes dead.. i look at everyone else and notice that my male tangerine is very still, and i go to pick him up and he is just very stiff and obviously gone as well.
    My dilema right now is that i am dealing with this breeder who is supposedly reputable and honest, but she is refusing to refund me or give me other geckos. by law she is supposed to do this. she swears it had to be mishandling or they were burned but there is no way they could ahve been burned, and they have no signs of burns, and also i did not handle them or drive erratically so there is no way i mishandled them. the other 6 are fine and happy right now enjoying their quarantine.
    Ive called odd pets wildlife clinic which is amazing with reptiles and i asked if they could do a necropy but Dr. Mertz said they would not be able to tell anything really at this point and from the pictures i sent him he can almost completely rule out burning.

    i need opinions as to what everything thinks could have possibly caused these two to die.
    and also as a business do you agree that i should be refunded for two animals that did not even last an hour.
    at this point, i am ready to take her to small claims court not because of the money, but more on principle that she is not showing any business ethics or integrity.

    thanks guys.

    oh ps. she offered to give me discounts on future purchases.. like i would actually buy from her again !!!!!
  2. kriminaal

    kriminaal HH Block Leader Staff Member Premium Member

    Seems fishy to me. She's crazy not to either refund you or replace them. The bad publicity alone will cost her more than the geckoes ever will.
    If she was a standup business owner she would have no qualms about doing so to keep a customer happy.
    As for them dying in an hour? I suspect they were well on the way.
    Did they look sickly or underweight?
    If they were all dead then she could make a case towards it being your fault. But just the two, hmmm.
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  3. Japatalarican

    Japatalarican Member

    yea, i know, i told her that if she would refund me or replace i would do plenty of business with her in the future but she is demanding that i get a necropy. I talked to the vet who said it would basically be useless. The leos looked healthy, thats the thing, i didnt take them out or anything when i picked them up but did a quick visual just to make sure they all had their weight and everything. i am most likely going to sue her just because she has given me such a hassle over this. i do right as a breeder and i expect her to do the same as a businesswoman.
    i know as well, i told her well if they were cooked alive dont you think all of them would be..
    i dunno this is jsut a big headache. thanks for the input tho!
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  4. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    Definitely had nothing to do with the transport situation. Even if you didn't have the heat on in the car at all a short drive wouldn't have killed them (not that it would've been a good idea.)
    By your description you were extraordinarily careful and it's nothing you did. Definitely fishy.
    I'd get the dead ones looked at by a different vet, if the geckos were ill you could possibly still find out. I'm sorry this happened, and keep the survivors far away from any animals you had previously in the event there is something fishy with your newcomers.
  5. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    I skip the vet entirely for my necropsies, and take my deceased animals to a local vet school, who does a very thorough necropsy for around $200.

    I get a very thorough and detailed report about how and why the animal died, and aspiring students get some hands on practice with reptiles (the vast majority of their practice is done on farm livestock)

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