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Discussion in 'Tegu' started by hodgenutts, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. hodgenutts

    hodgenutts Member

    Ok, I've done my research on Argentin'es and I know the minimum for an adult 8'x4'x4'.

    I'm in the Air Force Reserves and got called into active duty over the Summer and a pet store in the area by the post actually got 2 B&W Argentines in. I guess they would be call sub-adult but not sure. Their lent is somewhere around 20" I'd say with the tail and bodies are a about 2.5 - 3 inches in Diameter. They told me they had "Just got them in that day and it took them 2 years to get them some in stock". They then said "that one of their workers had already bought the darkder one". I asked and they claimed they were captive bread although they thought they would be smaller and were suprised by their size when they had arrived that day. Both Lizards looked very healthy with not suffs or scars or any sign of injuries.

    As far as disposition, you could put your hands in the cage and pet them and they were very gentle and would just close their eyes as you stroked their backs and showed no sign of aggression. They would however squirm like crazy if picked up. I assume that is do to lack of handling.

    I guess since this is my first time seeing them in person, does it sound like they are really captive bread and would that be the normal expected disposition of a Tegu that had just arrived with not much handling? They had them in 40 gallon breeders. I have 8 more weeks on post and can not have an animal here but own my home back home with a spare bedroom. They told me that if I put 30% down they would keep the lizard "In laway" and care for it over the 8 weeks until it was time for me to go home as long as I made a payment every few weeks. Total price for the lizard withought tax $249.00

    So does this sound like a captive bread and a good deal? I sense no deceipt from the pet store as they were quick to explain the difference between argentine's vs. columbians. (Even though I already knew) In fact they took me around the corner to show the difference as they had columbians in stock for $59.00

    Just curisous to get input.

    Also at the lizard's current size, what size terrarium would I need factoring in growth rate to last 18 months until I get my house renovated and dedicate a 6' x 10' as the lizards final inclosure?

    Also please note, I already have a blue tongue skink. I understand the Tegu is different, has different requirements, gets bigger and requires more food. I'm just throwing this out there so people know I'm not completely inexperience before making a commitment to the Argentine.

    Once again thanks for your time! :)
  2. TJOHNSON722

    TJOHNSON722 Elite Member

    You can order them for 150 all day long and they aren't that hard to get in. A 75 gallon would be fine for a yearish.
  3. hodgenutts

    hodgenutts Member

    Ok. Not sure where to get a healthy captive bread for only $150. Never seen them that low
  4. TJOHNSON722

    TJOHNSON722 Elite Member

    Check out they are in Florida.
  5. CryHavoc17

    CryHavoc17 Elite Member

    Are you sure with your military background you can take care of one long term? I know a lot of guys in the service that have had to rehome collections because of changing plans, and the bigger the animal the harder it is to find a good home. Its one thing to get someone to take care of a skink while your away, not very many people are down to care for a massive cantankerous lizzard that eats and poos like a horse. Not saying you can't or shouldn't, just something to consider.

    With big lizzards I am firmly a believer in starting them in the full size adult enclosure from day one. Everyone I know (myself encluded) regrets wasting the time and money that goes into a " raise up" cage. You always seem to sink more money in then you mean to and the animal always gets big way faster then you expect
  6. hodgenutts

    hodgenutts Member

    Yes, I am well aware what is ivolved with a big lizzard. I am a Dental Assistant in the Air Force Reserve. I stated earlier I was in the RESERVES. The only reason I am on Active duty now because I volunteered. I have been in the military for over 14 years. So I know what's involved and the possibilities, and yes I have a good friend that is a biology instructor at a college that will "lizard sit"

    I also clearly stated I was renovating a house and would end building an acutal room for the lizard, and wanted something over the year while I was renovating.

    one last note, the actual questions about the particular tegu's disposition and so forth, which was one of the major focuses of the post were not addressed, therefore it would be nice to get input from someone who own's a tegu. :)

    I'm not on here giving snake tips when I don't own one :)

    LOL thanks for the responses
    Have a good day
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  7. hodgenutts

    hodgenutts Member

    P.S. I do thank you for the link TJOHNSON722 much appreciated. Just never ordered an animal online before. Like seeing it first. Don't ask me why. Probably just because I have no experience buying online. I do however thank you very much for the suggestion and will check it out :)
  8. TJOHNSON722

    TJOHNSON722 Elite Member

    I actually owned 2 tegu's. FYI. They require a lot a lot a lot of work to tame down. Just because you can get near it at the store doesn't mean anything. At least an hour everyday needs to be spent with them out of the enclosure.
  9. AdamL8

    AdamL8 Elite Member

    Underground Reptiles does a lot of YouTube videos. You could go take a look there at some of their Tegus. They captive breed tons of them in Florida and do a great job of it. I would bet on it that all of their Tegus are twice as healthy as anywhere else you would find them.

  10. Monsignor

    Monsignor Member


    Also, hodgenutts, my local shop has a pair of adult B&Ws and have their offspring for sale and I belive it was $120. So captive bred with captive raised, sub $150. I've never owned one so I can't really speak to disposition, just information ive gathered over time whih is in accorance with the above quote. Good luck with him or her when you get it!
  11. VaranusDragon74

    VaranusDragon74 Active Member

    Hi, Just so you guys know, has good deals on scratched & nip tail Argentine B&Ws at $50 each (but, there is a two tegu minimum- so you gotta spend $100 or more)... They shed out, and grow back, so you can actually start a breeding project, for $100 + shipping (unless you're in South Florida, and can pick up...

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