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Hmm.. Blood Python Help?

Discussion in 'Blood Pythons' started by Katsura, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Katsura

    Katsura Elite Member

    Hello all

    There's this albino blood python I was considering buying in the next month or two for Nathan. He really loves this little snake so I'm trying hard to make it work.

    We were visiting him today and I was checking him out and I have some questions. While I have read and am reading about blood pythons, I'm not too familiar with them on a more "intimate" level as they don't seem very popular.

    Ok, so, first off, he's approximately three feet long.

    So not a baby but not an adult. I know that blood pythons are supposed to be thick, but he doesn't really seem to be thick. He doesn't look malnourished because I can't see any ribs and he does have strength in his muscles. But it just seems like he could have more... "substance". If that makes sense. Maybe just underfed?

    The other, more concerning thing that I noticed today, is that down around by his vent, he's... Squishy. Like there's nothing in there. His tail (behind the vent, where his hemipenes is) feels right, and his head, neck, and most of his body feels right, like there's muscle where is supposed to be. You know what I mean, supple but firm. But about 2 or 3 inches before his vent he just feels squishy. Like someone pumped air into a semi thick tube.

    I have never felt this in any of my snakes nor have I ever heard of it so I have no idea what it is. One of the guys working said that he thinks he's just getting ready to poop?

    I don't know humidity or temps as he's in a pet shop. From what I know he's been eating regularly and he has access to water.

    As much as Nathan loves this snake I don't want to drop money like that into a sick snake. I know that might sound a bit harsh but I've already had one snake die, I don't aim to have another one go anytime soon..

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