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Hi I'm Ej From Korea And My Iggy Needs Helps

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by plumpy, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. plumpy

    plumpy Member

    Hi I'm ej from South Korea.
    I'm very glad to know this gorgerous forum
    before I start this, please understand my awful english writing.
    Cuz I'm not good at english so I'd like to excuse for this..
    I have one female iggy named plumpy. she's 2years old girl.
    she had eaten anything three times a day any food before she was first gravid
    but during her gravid, she wouln't eat anything by herself so I had to feed her forcebly...
    I found her gravid starting last october
    luckily she only wanted to eat repcal iguana food by herself during her gravidness but only small quantity once a day..
    As Time went on.. and a few month ago I found she was absorbing her eggs when i saw her doctor to check she's fine.
    But I couldn't feel a real sense of relief because she is not gravid for now, but she doesn't want to eat her foods and her belly still looks so pumped.
    Doctor said to me "her health is fine now"
    but I'm still worried about her health
    she hasn't eaten her foods by herself for about 1years and I have fed her forcibly for about 1years too..
    i'm most worried that her second period of gravidness is coming back. (sept~oct)..
    Is this normal for iguanas not to eat foods by themselves while female iguanas are absorbing their eggs?
    and should i have to keep feeding her forcebly
    ? (also she really wants to eat meats,eggs or bread for human even though she's not interested into any vegetables and fruits )
    and I don't know what to do If she will be gravid while she's now absorbing her eggs..
    please, help me. there is no place in South Korea I should ask for helps for my iggy plumpy
    this is my iguana's instagram page: the way I can show you my iggy's status)

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  2. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi, can you give details of the temperature and humidity in the Iguana`s enclosure and tell me which type of hygrometer/thermometer you use to measure them (analogue or digital)? Thanks!

    Edit: Force feeding is extremely stressful and may be the reason the animal will not take food voluntarily.

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