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Hi, Everyone, Soon To Be Crested Gecko Owner

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Corycat, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Corycat

    Corycat New Member

    Hi, I'm Makayla, few random facts about me : I am a culinary arts graduate, I'm semi decent at art- if I have directions, I love decorating cake, I've never owned a reptile, but I do have a bit of a mini zoo - a dog, an 8 year old guinea pig, a betta fish, and a 20 gallon with cory catfish, guppies, amano shrimp, and a mystery snail. Anyways I'm preparing to bring home a crested gecko soon, I'm trying to make sure I have everything I need before I bring one home. Right now I have a vertical 20 gallon long, some fake bamboo branches made by Flukers, 4 fake vines, repashy food, and paper towels for substrate. I am also waiting for a suction cup bowl holder, cups for it, and a thermometer/hygrometer to come in the mail. I would like some opinions on my setup - I'm definitely willing to add more vines or anything. Also for misting the cage can I use any unused spray bottle for that? And during the winter months my house stay at 68F, I did buy a heater meant for a smaller tank to help warm it without it being too warm. Will that work?

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  2. matthewgroskopf

    matthewgroskopf Active Member

    Looks great so far, you should think about adding live potted plants, Cresties tend to enjoy hanging on/around strong broad leafed plants, you can find the appropriate plant types on the site i'll list below, use it as a reference. Hell, you could put a small bush in there.. Just remember to remove the original soil and rinse the plants of any pesticides,parasites and chemicals unless you know the grower didn't use any.
    Plants for Crested Geckos | Live Terrarium Plants | Josh's Frogs

    I would deff add more vines, a few ledges here and there or possibly put a background in so that he's not too stressed, you can use any generic aquarium background or coconut fiber which are both easy to clean.

    Generally I buy my mister bottle from petstores, I use misterlizard but found that generic plastic 3 setting spray bottles work a little better. (They're cheaper too, look in the garden section or kitchen section in your supermarket) Just make sure you rinse them out with soap and hot water before using them. Cresties tend to like humidity being 60-70%.

    I've heard that during winter months or early spring Cresties can deal with temps in the 60s, but you can always buy a heating lamp and use it during the day/night, just remember that Cresties are nocturnal and won't come out if your day bulb is in during the night, use a blue or red hue light. Remember, Cresties are from a tropical part of the world and do best and are more active in temps of 78-82 during night and day, but night can drop to low 70s. I usually just use LED displays in my tank since its not a planted tank yet, but UVB does produce brighter colors I've

    You do not need UVB unless you have a planted tank, Cresties do just as good as they would without UVB in a White/Blue LED light setup.

    Your setup is nice, but there are some improvements you could easily make so you don't stress him/her out. Just remember to give him some space when he first arrives and not to handle him until a few weeks after. Eventually when the time is right, you can move him into a more natural set up. :)
  3. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    Way too much screen to have any chance of holding proper humidity. And I'm not a fan of paper towel with these guys for the same reason. I would suggest either eco-earth or cypress mulch, or even a 50/50 combo of both, which is what I use.
  4. matthewgroskopf

    matthewgroskopf Active Member

    I wasn't sure if they were using a screen in, if they are than humidity is a big iffy here. Cresties really don't do too well in screened enclosures.
  5. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    If you look very closely the front appears to be mostly screen, hence my previous comment. And almost no reptile does well in an enclosure with a lot of screen, which is why you see so many bad sheds and missing toes, especially in smaller lizards.
  6. Qwerty3159

    Qwerty3159 Elite Member

    If the front is screen I'd like to add that it is a relatively easy process to create a solid door for the cage. I'm on my phone right now but can try to link a video later, search something along the lines of "vertical tank conversion"
  7. matthewgroskopf

    matthewgroskopf Active Member

    At first glance it looked like a screen enclosure, but then she mentioned she was using a tank so I assumed she wasn't using a screen in.

    But yeah, if it is screened, you should really make sure to either cover with plasti wrap or pick yourself up a tall exo Terra..

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