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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by biollantefan54, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. biollantefan54

    biollantefan54 Elite Member

    Hey Herp Center, I haven't really used this forum (sorry) since around 2011? I decided to see if I still remembered my password and read some of the old threads I had made when I first joined (when I was TWELVE!). I just had to make a thread lol, looking back at all those stupid posts, pointless threads, and dumb questions....I don't know how you guys didn't just ban me. I would have banned me! I just wanted to apologize for just being a pain way back then but I do want to thank you guys! I am not sure if I ever posted about it but I did end up getting a leopard gecko and I have had it for over 3 years now thanks to this place. I haven't used this forum much though because I mainly moved over to tarantulas and other creep crawlies :). But..yeah, just looking back at all those posts, I just feel terrible for making all you guys put up with me. *Lovey-dovey time over*
    Here is my gecko to go with it :)

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  2. DwarvenChef

    DwarvenChef Elite Member

    Howdy and welcome back. Hope things are going well for you now :)
  3. biollantefan54

    biollantefan54 Elite Member

    Everything has been good with me, ever since I got my leopard gecko, I got a ton more animals, tarantulas, scorpions, true spiders, other arachnids, all kinds of random stuff lol! I remember you guys used to always ask for pictures and I never had a camera but I finally got one haha. I take pictures of random things I find outside, I think it is pretty fun! I was just shocked reading those posts though, I can't believe I would even say that stuff! "I am 12, I think I can handle a chameleon", what was I thinking?!
    Here is my Flickr if you want to see some bug pictures lol.
    Joshua Coogler | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  4. ExoJoe

    ExoJoe Established Member

    You have some really nice pictures on there. I've often considered adding an arachnid to my herp collection, but decide to safe the space and investment for something new on my reptile wish list. I think it's awesome you have a fascination with invertebrates. I have trouble sometimes convincing outsiders that snakes aren't vicious monsters. You must have some challenges on your end pushing spiders.
  5. biollantefan54

    biollantefan54 Elite Member

    Oh definitely! It is so hard to convince people that they aren't trying to kill you every second lol. Tarantulas are addiction, ask any keeper and they will tell you! If you buy one, you will always buy more eventually. They are cheap, incredibly easy to care for, and take up little room, plus, they come in almost all your favorite colors :D! I want more reptiles in the future, only reason I don't have any is because of cost, not having any income really limits the kinds of animals you can get! I have a little grey rat snake I caught outside, I have had it for probably over a month now, just had my first snake shed today which I was pretty excited about!

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