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Hermit Crab (Land) Care

Discussion in 'Invertebrates General' started by iluvgreektortoise, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. iluvgreektortoise

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    Hermit Crabs are inverbrates that are easy to take care of and social.Be sure to keep three or more.Temperatures should be 75-80 and humidity should be about 75.Keep a sea sponge to help maintain humidity and buy two.Feed them comercial pellets and fruits and vegetables like mangos,papayas,and pineapples as treats.Feed cuttlebone or even boiled egg shells for calcium.Since they have an exoskeleton,they molt 1-2 times annually.Molting is a serious time.Do not distract them in this process,for the stress may kill them.Try to keep them in a different enclosure at this time.It may look dead,but as long as it does not smell,it is alive.Mist their enclosure daily.The crabarium must be 10-15 gallons for three.It is not a good idea to breed them.Make sure their dishes are shallow.Keep spare shells at all times.

    I hope this thread is helpful!

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