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Here's Goes My First Custom Iguana Habitat Attempt.

Discussion in 'General Construction' started by hcfwesker, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

  2. hcfwesker

    hcfwesker Elite Member

    Still waiting on the stinking glass lol. But went ahead and cut the openings for the front of the enclosure so I can at least get the staining/sealant process started on that portion.


    And, I'm not sure on the size of the fixture (E27?), but this is the 160W compared to the 100W fixture I used for testing.


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  3. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    It`s o.k, you`re talking about the domes, I thought you meant the ceramic bulb socket, which are the same size for different wattages, unless you specifically wanted a smaller diameter (the 27 is millimetres), I think from memory they do a 25mm, too.

    EDIT:: I need to ask you whether you`re planning on having the MVB outside, as in the old enclosure? (It would be best like that).
  4. hcfwesker

    hcfwesker Elite Member

    Yes, I'd like to have all my lighting equipment outside the enclosure, at the top. So it doesn't take any height away from Krycek in the enclosure itself. I just need to remeasure my resting/basking spots now once my 160W MVB arrives in the mail. And see how far it needs to be above.

    For the 160W , whats the closest distance from Ig to bulb, around 12-15 inches?


    My 160W Reptisun MVB was waiting for me when i got home today :)
  5. hcfwesker

    hcfwesker Elite Member

    Just a few more details getting done as I wait for the windows to arrive on Tuesday.

    Adjustable air vents installed. One 4X10 in the lower right, and a 4X8 just under the basking/resting ledge


    Got his bottom platform assembled (air vent hidden underneath; plant and climbing limb just for show)


    And a full view, which also has the front frame painted and sealed ( 2 more sealant coats needed though)


    ^ Not the final look, just wanted to see how well some greenery would contrast with the Dark Walnut enclosure stain.

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  6. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    Hi again, I think it would be best not to have a vent too close to the basking spot, because you`ll lose heat and humidity, I`d fit the second one around half way from top to bottom. They don`t need to be very big, maybe 6 x 3 inches (15 x 7 cm). Just close the present one off, no need to remove it.
  7. hcfwesker

    hcfwesker Elite Member

    4 X 8 was the smallest size they had in my area. and figured since they were adjustable,I could just leave them barely cracked (the higher one), and the lower vent maybe halfway or less opened. And, instead of adding another one under the vent I have under the basking area, what about a vent diverter facing downwards?


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  8. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    O.k, I would close the top one completely, fitting the diverter won`t do anything, because it`s just air exchange, not as if there were a flow of air you could direct.
    All you need to do if you want another vent (opposite the lower), is to simply drill a few holes in the side, perhaps 6 x 3/8inch diameter in a row(that`s plenty).
    Can I ask what that bottom shelf is for?

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  9. hcfwesker

    hcfwesker Elite Member

    Yeah, that makes since, just drilling a few small holes. And you can ask anything about what i'm doing, I'm the newbie here. I was taking some structure ideas from the ultimate habitat in James Hatfield's book, and was going to have three different platforms, that all connected into one climbing route to the top. the bottom shelf on the right side was possibly going to be for my exo terra waterfall to sit in the corner secured down with electrical port going right through an outlet close to that corner. Or possibly his food dish cause I heard it's not best to put it directly on the floor of the habitat.

    I'll gladly take any ideas, suggestions, or any corrections to what I'm doing. :)
  10. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    I wasn`t sure how you were going to connect the shelves, I guess you already have that worked out.
    By the way, it`s looking very nce, I like the colour, and when you get some artificial greenery in, it will will look even nicer.
  11. hcfwesker

    hcfwesker Elite Member

    Yeah, I'm using shelving brackets ( wanted to avoid them, but found some that were brown colored and don't stand out as much). I have 2 spaced out for the longer sides attched to the side wall, and one on the small side attached to the back wall; which gives it 3 points of support. Even leveled them and tested for stability, i'm very picky lol.

    Thanx for the compliment, I really appreciate it, along with all the great advice you, and many others, have given to me. :)

    I know he's going to outgrow this within a year or two, ( he's about 16" STL now ) and actually looking forward to the next build since I'll have a little bit more experience prepping the next one.
  12. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    No, you misunderstand, I meant how do the shelves connect to each other, or to put it plainly (I`m not good at putting things clearly ;) ); how does he/she get to them?
  13. hcfwesker

    hcfwesker Elite Member

    Ohhhh, i see what you mean. As the last pic I posted stated, that's not the finished design, but just a rough idea. I have river wood branches ( from pet smart) that will connect from one ledge to the next. I'd also like to try and make another climbing route from the bottom that goes straight to the basking hieght ( just so he has options).

    I've also collected really nice looking branches ( I made the precautions by breaking them down and heating them in the oven at required temps & time I read on here). I'm contemplating on using those to make a "tree like" structure for climbing ; but it's just a thought at the time.
  14. hcfwesker

    hcfwesker Elite Member

    YAYYYYYYYYYY! Glass Windows I ordered finally came in. As soon as I got home from work, I measured them out against the actually door frames, centered them, and drew out my cutting line. Have to get the stuff for fastening the windows inside, but this it how the front will look (minus the glass, paint, stain). Then gonna make the final preparations for inside decor.


    Another idea I was contemplating, was I have a small 10 gallon aquarium from the first day i got him. I'm thinking of breaking it down, and using the small side glass pieces of the aquarium for small side windows in the upper portion.

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  15. justor

    justor Elite Member

    It might be nice to have some windows up on the sides, but in my opinion it's best to only have one side of the enclosure have windows. Most reptiles feel more secure when they can't see out in multiple directions. Have you thought about using it as a little swimming pond for him? at least temporarily while he still fits in it.

    Looks nice by the way. Good job!
  16. gus211

    gus211 Well-Known Member

    It looks great, very impressed. What size wood did you use on the doors, im thinking of using 2x2 for mine. Also I know that decor is not gonna be the final look, but you should conside looking into some bigger branches for climbing.
  17. murrindindi

    murrindindi Elite Member

    I like your idea of using the aquarium as a pond in the enclosure, it will also help with humidity, and maybe catch some poop at the same time. Good thinking! ;)
  18. hcfwesker

    hcfwesker Elite Member

    My original plan for a bathing/swimming spot was going to be a 24X16 (3-4 inch height) baking pan for brownie's ( the non-stick kind) ; but the tank being in there kinda sounds better. I'd just like to find a way to make it integrate in with the design, rather than just a tank sitting in there. ACTUALLY! Using the glass tank in there, gives me an opportunity to keep using my decor with suction cups! :) Especially the repti-ladders I can use on the sides for him to climb in & possibly out. Plus, the suction cups fake vines to kinda decorate around the sides to make it seem a little more secluded ( but not completely.)

    Thanx for that awesome suggestion. Though, it could possibly be a 20G tank, and not a 10G. Dimensions are 20x10x12 in inches. Would that still work? and just have the water about 3-4 inches deep? or depper with some kinda decor for him to rest on while in there.

    @ Gus. I have some pretty need wide branches I've collected, and look perfect for the lengths and width I need to add different climbing routes throughout each spot.

    I got everything I needed to finish the cabinet windows today, so hopefully find time to get them constructed sometime before the weekend.
  19. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Actually the aquarium idea is a bad one. Imagine daily having to pick it up and empty it!
    What I use is a big plastic cat litter tray.
  20. Darkbird

    Darkbird Moderator Staff Member

    Mortar mixing tub from building supply store would also work.

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