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Help with Getting Right Temps Please.

Discussion in 'Heating' started by Marc2013, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Marc2013

    Marc2013 Active Member

    Ok at the top of my viv i have UVB 25w 6.0 D3 tube - This sits 8 inches from top shelf.

    I have MVB 80w d3 in centre of viv at top - This is 7inches away from top shelf at top shelf temps 41c top branch under neath is 14 inches away and temps is 34c which is ideal bask temps and branches to left and right of that are 25c and 29c

    Last branch at back of viv temps sit at 25c.

    The temps on substrate is 20c

    As can be seen in pic there is plenty shaded areas and plenty bask spots.

    I have too problems here:

    Top shelf is too hot by 7 degrees

    Substrate temps are too low.

    Any suggestions on boosting lower temps??

    In this large viv only heat source is 80w MVB which i want to use as it helps kick UVB further down into viv where as my UVB tube would not reach down enough.

    Much appreciate any info please.


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