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Help with Bull Snake?

Discussion in 'Pituophis (Pines, Bulls, Gophers)' started by damein1234, Sep 1, 2014.

  1. damein1234

    damein1234 Member

    Hi, A few years back I had rescued a bull snake from some people who should never have owned an animal. He came to me in ROUGH condition. He was so thin that I wasn't sure he would make it, not to mention just about blind because he had been unable to shed for months.

    fast forwarding now. I've had him about 2 years and he has been an absolute joy. ALWAYS eating when offered, friendly as heck, very curious about everything, and just all around beautiful. He is my first snake and my favorite!

    So a few months ago, I had quite a shock. He went from engulfing his food to straight up ignoring it. VERY uncharacteristic. I was worried as heck but I knew I would just have to wait it out. one day I went to check him, as I do every day and I opened his hide to find quite a surprise.
    He was actually a she. She had laid 8 eggs, all duds of course. she has never been around a male in my care. But still shocking! I had NO idea snakes laid dud eggs like that.

    and right after i cleaned the cage out, she returned to her normal self and started sucking up food like no other.

    ok, so here's the part that I need some help with. She has again started refusing food. She hasn't eaten since 4th of July. Nothing has changed in the cage. Temps are about 85 on the hot side, around 75 on the cool side. She hasnt dropped much weight that I can tell.

    Is it possible for her to lay 2 dud clutches in 1 year? She is the only snake I have. Shes never been with any other. I'm trying to find an explanation for her off behavior.
    Any help or advice is appreciated!
  2. TamJam

    TamJam Elite Member

    This is so interesting that I am sure you will soon get someone more expert than I with these snakes to help! I hope so. Any pictures?
  3. damein1234

    damein1234 Member

    I have a few

    This is when she laid eggs (poor phone quality. sorry!)

    This is him learning to wear a hat. (all my reptiles wear hats. Its what goes on around here)

    And this is him now, as a hat wearing Pro.

    Though I know he is actually a *she*, I have a hard time calling him a girl lol.
  4. damein1234

    damein1234 Member

    Anyone have any advice? He still hasn't eaten.
  5. Knox

    Knox Elite Member

    My advice - stop stressing about it and allow yourself to relax. I had a hatchling king who went 2 1/2 months without eating. After a while, I figured he would either start eating, or he wouldn't make it. There was nothing I could do. But he started eating and is doing fine now.

    An adult Bull has MUCH more ability to go without eating than a hatchling King. So just relax. He will eat when he is ready. I would go 2 weeks between trying to feed, instead of the standard 1 week.
  6. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    As long as the snake's body condition is not deteriorating, I wouldn't fret.

    As a healthy adult with presumably good fat reserves, your snake should be good for months without food if she so decides.

    What an interesting surprise though!
  7. damein1234

    damein1234 Member

    I thought you would all be interested to know, that Aydin did again lay eggs. I was a bad snake mommy though and didn't check on him for a few days. The eggs ended up molding and denting in. I assume they were in there for about a week.
    Which, oddly enough, would put this lay on the exact day of the last one, exactly one year ago.

    aydins eggs.jpg

    I now have a rather strange question. I didn't get a better pic of them and I highly regret that, but 3 of the 9 eggs he laid looked... fertile?
    They were huge, would have been bright white. You can see the tops of them in the bottom left corner of his box.

    They were a completely different size and shape from the other 6 slugs, as well as they were separated and kept in their own spot, as though Aydin thought they were fertile as well.
    I have had this snake in my care for years now, and have never put it with another. Is it possible to have gotten fertile eggs??

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