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Help!! Western Fence Lizard Back Legs Not Working

Discussion in 'Lizards - General' started by Ctohowton, Oct 6, 2017.

  1. Ctohowton

    Ctohowton New Member

    We found a tiny blue belly lizard about a month ago, and I was told that since it doesn’t actually have a blue belly that she is a female. She has been very active and eats well but today she went to get off her basking rock and ended up just rolling off the side onto her back. I flipped her over to make sure she was still breathing, and she is. However her back legs are no longer working. Her tail still moves tho. I was holding her in my hand and closed her eyes but still breathing. About 20 minutes into her sleeping on my hand I moved to get more comfortable and she put her face up, opened her mouth really big then began shaking with her fronts arms flopped out to the side. That’s lasted about a second then she shifted a little bit, repositioned her front legs and went back to sleep. That same situation has happened twice since in about a hour period. Reading online I saw it could be a number of things but I don’t know much about lizards so I’m going to try to give some details of her environment in hopes that someone here can help me. It is a 10 gal tank (she is less than 3” long from nose to tail). It has sand on the bottom that she burrows in every night. It also have a few sticks and a platform thingy for her to climb on. When I asked the person at Petsmart she said it’s warm enough here (Sacramento, ca) that she didn’t need a light as long as she has sunlight coming in and a basking rock. The fun comes in for a couple hours a day and we have a big rock where the sun hits. She lays in the sun everyday. We feed her the small crickets, she usually eats 2 maybe 3 at a time and we get her 9-10 a week. Per recommendation from the lady at the pet store we do the calcium powder every other week. She has a water bowl that I’m constantly filling but I’ve never seen her use it. Any idea what it could be as well as is it permanent and what should I do are greatly appreciated.

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  2. Cherux02

    Cherux02 Active Member

    Hi there. I'm sorry to hear the lizard is ill. Hope some of this info helps. Check the temperature of the basking site to see if you need a lamp. Chain store employees are not good resources of information. It may not be warm enough with sunlight, especially it you have air conditioning. Back legs being paralyzed first makes me think of metabolic bone disease. It just means not enough calcium. A vet visit is recomended. Glass filters out the uv light reptiles need to absorb calium in their diets. It looks like the lizard is not full grown and probably needs calcium daily and a uv lamp so it can absorb it. They sell calcium with d3 but I always like to use a uv lamp. It can be reversed if it's caught in time, but if not it can advance til the animal is paralyzed from the neck down, then death. I wonder if the tremors were the front legs starting to be effected. Handling is likely to stress the animal. Reptiles can tend to fall asleep like that when they are stressed and too cool. I would reduce handling as much as possible until the lizard is healthy. From their perspective we are large, threatening animals rather than loving benefactors. Once it's healthy, taming can resume safely.

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