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Help Us! we are rescuing!

Discussion in 'Adoptions' started by crash_reborn, Sep 12, 2004.

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  1. crash_reborn

    crash_reborn Elite Member

    Short Story:

    We (me and pugluv) are doing an adoption rescue of an ig - and would like some pointers....

    i have done ALOT of research and have spent ALOT of time at Dom's site and i know i can care for him/her ... but i just wanted to open up my situation to you guys (as this is my first ig) - and ask for some input or advice!!!

    Back Story:

    Last fiday i called a woman who has a 4 foot / 5 year old green ig with a GREAT temper - (they dont know the sex)

    they love him/her to pieces - but are incapable to spend the time and provide the care it needs any longer

    as i called they were half way to raliegh north carolina - and wouldnt be back until late tonight - so we aranged a meeting / pickup for "early next week" - which hopefully means monday!
  2. Inphormatika

    Inphormatika Elite Member

  3. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    My suggestion is to pick up James Hatfield's Green Iguana the Ultimate Owners guide. Iguanas for Dummies is also good.
    If you have more specific questions fire away!
  4. crash_reborn

    crash_reborn Elite Member

    well - i went to that anapsid website and pulled up that icfs.pdf file - and made a printoff of all 79 pages

    i have my work cut out for me today here at the office - as i wanna read all of it

    one SPECIFC i will as is if anyone can recomend a SPECIFIC diet and feeding schedule for a 4 foot 5 year old green ig?

    not just the food items - but how much and how often - offering variety and potential benifits or risks of a varied diet...

    that kinda thing

    an can SOMEONE tell me where i can find an Ig harness to purchase? so that i may leash him when out and about at home with me - or on trips to the local herp friendly petstore!
  5. crash_reborn

    crash_reborn Elite Member

    here is the ad as we found it - weve been in contact - and we should be picking him/her up today or tomorrow hopefully!

    the bottom two items are blacked out as they are the persons phone number and such - and im not authorized to distribute that information

    i was fortunate enough to be able to use the scanner at work to make this image - it was a pain in the....

    scanner makes .tif files - and windows imaging only allows conversion to .bmp...

    so i scanned it to a .tif file - opened it in imaging and created a .bmp - and since bitmaps are huge files (they take up ALOT of space) i decided to use MS paint to open the file and save it as a .jpg

    so this is why you see the wrinkles and fold in the pic - its a scanned image of the ad we found in the pet store - its been folded and in my wallet soo i dont lose it
  6. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Crash, re your leash question check out this. I have used one of these for years with no problem. i don't carefor the front leg harnesses due to potential spike damage and the fact that if the ig spooks you have a noose around his neck.

    An adult iguana should be fed every day. I feed as much as she will eat at a sitting, usually a couple of cups at a time. it will take a bit to figure out how much yours will eat but if feeding the proper diet it is virtually impossible to overfeed. Food left too long in the enclosure with tropical conditions will start to rot and grow mold.

    A varied diet is best but the staples are the same 70-80 percent leafy greens, collard, mustard, and turnip. For aquickie rundown on potential foods as well as foods to avoid try

    Both these links are to Iguana Zone, a very good Iguana specific site that several of us here also belong to. If you are interested check out the rest of the site.

    One thing to consider is getting rid of the chicken wire. That stuff is notorious for cutting off ig toes and will make it very difficult to hold heat and humidity.
  7. Jem_Scout

    Jem_Scout Elite Member

    My Ig is 5 feet and 4 yrs old. Nadia will eat 2 human sized dinner plates full of food per day. Once in the later Morning and once at about 7 ish in the evening. The plate is not heaped full but about 3 inches thick and covers the plate. He will slow way down in winter to about 1 full plate plus snacks though.
    It all depends on your own Ig's appetite really....I just happen to have a chow hound! :p (And a boy Ig with a girls name! lol ;) )
    The most favorite things he likes are:.....

    Collard greens
    Mustard greens
    Winter Squash (all time FAV!!)
    Apples (Not often)
    Wheat bread (not often)
    Grapes (purple, no seeds)
    Summer squash

    Man, there are a ton of things he likes and eats but these are his all time favorites! :)
    Get used to scrubbing out your bathtub...Nadia would LIVE in mine if given half a chance! LOL
  8. crash_reborn

    crash_reborn Elite Member

    How to transy?!


    i drive a 91 ford ranger xlt supercab

    the enclosure is going in the truckbed

    well - my quandery is...where do i put the darned ig!

    he/she is NOT going to ride in the truckbed...

    and i can allow an ig that i dont know - and who doesnt know me - ride i the cab with me unrestrained as i drive...

    i am going to snag a barrel clamp off of a jecket of mine and a piece of rope and make a hip harness

    but that still leaves me and ginny cramped in the cab with a 4 foot ig that could go nuts at any time

    i think i am gonnna TRY to use a towel to make an "iggy in a blanket" to restrain his legs so we dont get clawed

    i just want everyone to be safe

    any suggestions?

    as like any old pickup - it isnt a smooth ride (which i like - bumpy rides are part of the fun of owning a pickup if you ask me!) and it has NO exhaust system - no pipes - nada - it just opend from the engine output and makes a loud noise... :p

    picture the sound of a motor boat - or a monster truck (not that loud just same sounds) - its a great truck - but im afraid that between the bumpy ride and loud engine - the ig may freak out!

    please drop any suggestions you guys may have in ASAP
  9. Bitis Gabonica

    Bitis Gabonica Elite Member

    Sorry i've not a clue about cars and transport :p but wanted to say congratulations on your beautiful new ig! And well done on rehoming him and offering him a chance at a wonderful life.

    And don't forget.. when the ig moves in POST LOTS OF PICS!! :D
  10. Merlin

    Merlin Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    Ron I sent you a PM regarding the transport. Keep us advised!
  11. Jem_Scout

    Jem_Scout Elite Member

    Borrow a medium sized dog crate and have Ginny follow in a different car OR borrow a king cab truck and a dog crate to move the Ig. Don't let the Ig loose in the truck. Let him ride IN the vehicle! A leash of sorts won't protect you from teeth and claws...The ride alone will freak him half to death. The crate will keep him more secure. Make sure the Air conditioning isn't on (or on too cold) for him, and the window drafts are not hitting him straight on. In other words, its gonna be a long hot ride for you guys but the Ig will love it! :p I put a blanket over the crate so he can't see out too. If all else fails and you can't get a dog crate then use a box with air holes and tape it shut.
    I bought a dog crate just to move the Ig so I can take her to the like a charm for me :)
    Good Luck!
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