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Help - No Eyes, RI, Mites..

Discussion in 'Rainbow Boas' started by l0vx3, May 21, 2012.

  1. gapeachkatie

    gapeachkatie Elite Member

    I can't believe this kind of neglect happened. Poor baby! With the mouth rot and RI, keep in mind that he may not be willing to eat. If he continues to ignore striking but willing to obviously acknowledge it, just continue to try as he gets better, or go back to the vet to see about other feeding options.

    Give that little guy plenty of love and affection, and please keep us updated.

    I also agree with Rich, if you have a copy of the paper work from the vet visit, a receipt showing date of purchase, and obviously you have the animal, go ahead and try to get the pet shop to pay the bills, if not file neglect charges against them.
  2. l0vx3

    l0vx3 Member

    Well as for the mites I do have the reptile relief spray, de flea. It works wonders and I used that and bleach alone to get rid of mites on my red tail boa in 3 days. It's awesome. I'm not going to be as intense with my rainbow boa, but it kills mites immediately which is great. Every few days I'll clean his entire closure as well as him.

    mid gapeachkatie and Rich, the crazy part is that the pet store didn't even know this snake had all these problems. the only thing the pet store knew was that his eyes were gone. so they didn't even warn me before i bought the snake. The employees could barely answer any of my questions about the best type of bedding for this snake or anyhting about rainbow boas. the employees at this pet store are so dumb. also, i already have the NJ health department involved, my county's health department and my local SPCA involved. there have been investigations. i've even spoken with the store's headquarters. the pet store is called Petland Discounts Inc., by the way, if anyone would like to make sure they don't purchase from there and spread the word.

    I spoke on the phone with a woman who has been speaking to the Petland Discounts in my state (NJ) and she told me the only way they would refund me for the snake and POSSIBLY cover the vet bills is if I returned the snake. NO WAY IN **** am I returning this snake to that company, haha. So the snake can be sold to someone else who doesn't know how to take care of him by chance? And so he can be neglected again? Nope. The woman said since I'm not returning the snake to the store I'm taking full responsibility of the snake and therefore I am in charge of all the vet bills. I think that's bs but I don't know what to do about that yet.

    As far as an update on the snake, he's going for his second injection of Baytrill tomorrow. He ate two pinkie mice just a few minutes ago!! Very excited about that. I was very patient with him and let him bump around the food until he took it very gently. Afterwards, I guided him to his water dish and he took a big sip and dunk. :) I also purchased Nolvasan which I will use for his scale/mouth rot instead of listerine. Listerine just doesn't seem the right way to go, haha. If anyone has any experience with Nolvasan I'd be happy to hear about it!
  3. xViLLaiN

    xViLLaiN Banned User

    I really hope that things continue to get better, it's always horrible to hear about any animals being mistreated. I know you were looking for compensation for the troubles your going through with your herp, but maybe you should try looking into talking with an official about holding them accountable for their actions and at least maybe seeing them get fined or more. I mean it may not be what you want, but it will at least show them that they can't just do whatever they want and treat animals how the please. I hope the best for you and your herp. Please do keep us updated.
  4. Dragoness

    Dragoness Elite Member

    if you have mites, you may want to clean more often than every couple days. They can be quite aggressive. Keep your snake on paper towels (or other disposable substrate) and change it daily when you give him a bath to drown off some of the other mites.
  5. l0vx3

    l0vx3 Member

    Just wanted to say the mites are 100% gone from the snake, RI appears to be gone and the rot is gone =) He shed after his vet visits and looks like a completely different snake. His mouth cleared up, all the brown crusty stuff shed off with it. I can actually see his rainbow sheen again. I think he wasn't able to really shed in the pet store because there was no humidity.

    xViLLaiN, exactly! I want SOME kind of revenge. Whether they pay me or they get in trouble some how. I would love if they were fined or no longer allowed to sell rainbow boas... something. I have not heard of anything like that happening to Petland Discounts though.

    my dad holding him after he's been feeling better!
  6. justor

    justor Elite Member

    Hooray! I'm glad he is recovering well. Keep it up! ;)
  7. mld

    mld Subscribed User Premium Member

    Wow, that's wonderful news! Just made my day :)

    How is his feeding response?
  8. mshrmheadcharge

    mshrmheadcharge Moderator Staff Member Premium Member

    This is amazing, I'm glad you are giving this little boa lots of love and care :) and I'm SO glad he's recovering so well for you!!
  9. gapeachkatie

    gapeachkatie Elite Member

    He looks so good after shedding! I am glad he is doing so much better! It is still so upsetting that he has lost his eyes due to being so neglected, though. :(
  10. LizardCrazyCelt

    LizardCrazyCelt Elite Member

    One of my first two leopard geckos, both of which were rescued, seemed to be missing an eye, but after 2 months of hand feeding repti-aid, because she couldn't see straight enough to hunt properly, it reappeared. We think it was because she was dehydrated. Maybe that is partially the problem?

    Good luck with further success in the poor guys rehabilitation!
  11. l0vx3

    l0vx3 Member

    Thanks for the support and help every one! mld - at first (when he was sick) he wasn't eating because I think the sores in his mouth were two painful, now he's a vicious fast eater. lol He eats two pinkies every time.

    He's currently in shed now, he's gotten thicker and longer. I would think a snake who can't see (like when they shed) would be insecure all the time and have an attitude, but he's one if the sweetest snakes I have. He's very calm, likes to explore and has never bitten or tried to. Yay! And yeah, I'm so upset his vision had to go just because of idiots at a pet store. It's such a waste and shame that had to happen to him. :(

    LizardCrazyCelt, I'm glad your leopard geckos turned out to be okay! However, looking at the snakes "eyes" closely, it looks like a socket with a white film as the furthest back part. It's definitely not an eye, and I see him drink from his water dish from time to time but I haven't seen him soak since he was infested with mites/REALLY dehydrated from the store. The eyes are gone for good unfortunately. The vets said it didn't appear to be painful though

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