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Help! My Pacman Frog is Not Eating

Discussion in 'Horned Frogs' started by dalekcaan4, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. dalekcaan4

    dalekcaan4 New Member

    hello two weeks ago i got a adult pacman frog
    since then it has refused to eat both crickets and fuzzies
    the people at the pet store tell me it will bite anything in front of its mouth
    it was at the store for a about two months before i got it
    the temperature is 80 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is at 60%
    please tell me how to get it to eat
  2. codycaecity

    codycaecity New Member

    :">My adult Pacman wasn't eating for a while, and I was getting worried as well. I had just bought him from Repticon, and I figured it was due to the stress of the new environment. If yours does not eat within the next few days, I would suggest trying to "force feed" him/her. Hold him in your hand and rub a fuzzy over his lips. This should get a reaction bite, and you can then allow him to eat the fuzzy on his own. This has worked for me for some time now.:">

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