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Help Me Identify This Snake.

Discussion in 'Snakes - General' started by maryelizabeth, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. justor

    justor Elite Member

    I may not have 12 snakes but I do have a coastal carpet, and have seen many different types of carpet pythons. 1) coastals are not orange. Even the "red phase" coastals do not show anything close to that type of coloring. Orange is however, very common to varying degrees on the IJ color pallet. 2) the pattern is classic irian jaya. Thin white areas bordered by black on a brown or orange background. And they typically are not as heavily patterned as a coastal. 3) the biggest giveaway is what I call the mustache. Irian jayas very often have little black markings on their upper lip area which looks kind of like a mustache. This trait is not at all common in other subspecies though some may have something similar.

    If your coastal looks identical to this irian jaya, I would assume you we're mislead by whoever sold it to you. The two are not difficult to tell apart if you are familiar with both. Would you mind posting a picture of your carpet python?
  2. bradenbundy

    bradenbundy Member

    oh ok well i didnt know that lol i must have been mislead but i unfortuantely do not have a way to upload pictures currently but as soon as i do i will for sure!
  3. justor

    justor Elite Member

    Cool, I would like to see it. Now I'm curious lol.
  4. crondiesel

    crondiesel Banned User

    looks like a spotted python or a childrens python
    Edit:i just looked at the comments and thats a very nice Irian carpet nice pick up :)
  5. MFPro

    MFPro Member

    I'm no expert, but its looks alot more like and Angolan than a carpet to me. The carpet pythons I've seen usually have very distinguised colors and markings.On second thought (and image search) it probably is an irian jaya carpet python.
  6. DHargraves

    DHargraves Active Member

    Where and when did she get it? I'm very curious about how someone could have a snake, but not want to go near it. And how do you not know if they need water???

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