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Help Identifying This Southern Californian Snake

Discussion in 'Snakes - General' started by trobinson41, Nov 11, 2016.

  1. trobinson41

    trobinson41 New Member

    Can someone tell me what kind of snake this is? It was in San Diego County -- hilly, arid country, but not desert. The snake was maybe a foot long. The shots were taken at night in artificial light.

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  2. Darkbird

    Darkbird Elite Member

    Sand boa. Can't give you much info on them as I'm almost totally unfamiliar with the native ones. Heck, I'm actually rather fuzzy on the Kenyan ones too, lol.
  3. trobinson41

    trobinson41 New Member

    Darkbird, thanks for the lead. I don't know much about snakes, so I wouldn't have guessed that it was a boa. I think it's actually a rosy boa. According to what I've read on the Internet, there are only 2 species of boa in the US and that's one of them. Also, the patterning is a much better match.
  4. Darkbird

    Darkbird Elite Member

    Like I said, I didn't know enough to give you any more, but now that you mention it, I'm pretty sure your right.
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  5. aztec4mia

    aztec4mia Elite Member

    You got it right, it is a rosy.
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