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Help Determining if Emperor Scorpion is Pregnant? PIC

Discussion in 'Arachnids General' started by EyeOfHorus, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. EyeOfHorus

    EyeOfHorus Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone. Well.. I'm very confused... I acquired a female Emp not long ago, and decided I wanted to breed since I kept them when little and had a mother Emp at the time. Anyways, I got a male and he tried to court her ect but she refused every time. Also, the past few days she's gotten huge, and I can kind of see embryo's inside of her along with the rice looking things on the exoskeleton that you'd expect to see with a pregnant Emp - she is insanely aggressive, and restless... she used the walls as a treadmill every night and just today started coming out during the day, running around and refusing food. So... call it preggo or keep pairing her with the male? Maybe she isn't a full grown adult and is going to molt? I dunno... I feel like she is about to have some babies.. just intuition though lol.

    Here's some pics, let em know what you guys think:

    Notice the spaces between the carapace.. you can kind of see the embryo's and the raised heart as expected with a preggo Emp:


    Thought's and opinions are greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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