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Help and Tips for Improving My Sonoran Gopher Snake's Tank!

Discussion in 'Pituophis (Pines, Bulls, Gophers)' started by DonJuan, Sep 21, 2014.

  1. DonJuan

    DonJuan Member

    Hi all!
    I'm looking for any helpful tips or tricks to keeping a Sonoran Gopher Snake happy and healthy. This is my set up right now. It's a 30 gallon tank and the humidity is 50%. Is there anything I should change or improve in here? He loves the shoes because he can go between covered and not but if they're not considered safe to put in I'll take them out. Thanks everyone!!

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  2. Pituophis

    Pituophis Active Member

    In my personal opinion that's too much humidity for a sonoran, they are naturally occurring in a a desert type environment, they only need 50% to shed and even then I have never misted my gopher in her whole life and she always has perfect sheds. These snakes will get an r.i at that humidity level. But other than that your setup looks good. My gopher loves cardboard tubes, she feels safe in there but can still look around the room and see what's going on

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